Healthy twins born by brain dead Brazilian mother after 123 days on life support

    MannaXPRESS twins-2 Healthy twins born by brain dead Brazilian mother after 123 days on life support
    Miraculous Asaph and Anna

    By Lizzy DeGanga

    A 21-year old Brazilian woman, Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha, proved that it is not over until God says so by giving birth to twins 123 days after doctors declared her brain dead. 

    Padilha arrived at the emergency center nine weeks pregnant, with severe cerebral hemorrhaging due to a burst vein in her brain. After receiving calls from his wife complaining of sharp pains in her head and neck, Muriel Padilha (her husband) rushed home from work and took her to the hospital. Unfortunately, she lost consciousness before they reached the hospital.

    “As I drove her to the hospital, she said ‘I want you to be prepared to accept this because I will be staying there, I won’t be coming home,’” Padilha said, recalling their last conversation. Doctors diagnosed the woman with severe bleeding and were shocked, after rigorous medical procedures, to see that the two embryos were still thriving.

    “They told me they would give the babies three more days of life,” Muriel told Caters News. “They said as soon as their little hearts stopped beating, they would turn off the gadgets and I would be able to bury my wife.”

    MannaXPRESS Twins-mother-2 Healthy twins born by brain dead Brazilian mother after 123 days on life support
    Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha on life support with her pregnancy.

    However after three days had passed and their hearts were still going strong, the medical professionals decided to help the twins to continue growing for another five months.

    “They were clinging to life,” said Dr. Dalton Rivabem, a neurologist in the hospital. “Frankielen’s organs were all intact and working as if she was still with us. We took the decision to keep her alive to save her unborn children. And every day, we watched them grow normally.”

    Members of the medical staff made efforts to create a loving atmosphere for the growing embryos, decorating the young mother’s room with pictures, playing music for the babies and taking turns singing to them as they grew stronger inside the womb.

    In the seventh month of the pregnancy, medical professionals proceeded to conduct a cesarean section on the woman.

    “It was an extremely challenging case which required intensive multidisciplinary work. There were many complications with the continuous support of medications to maintain pressure, maintain oxygenation, maintain continuous nutrition and hormonal balance. We used antibiotics during the entire hospitalization period,” Dr. Rivabem said.

    The twins, Ana Vitoria and her brother Asaph were born in February, together weighing only 3 pounds. The pair remained in the hospital another 3 months, returning home in May. Their mother died a few days after their birth, leaving her husband, a two-year-old daughter and the twins.

    MannaXPRESS Father-of-twins-e1500364485276-2 Healthy twins born by brain dead Brazilian mother after 123 days on life support
    Mr Padilha with one of the twins

    “I’m so proud of my daughter,” Zampoli’s mother, Angela Silva said. “It’s been hard losing her but she was a warrior right until the end, protecting her beautiful children and giving them life until the day she finally died.”

    The family has since received support from across Brazil with clothing, diapers, and other accessories arriving for the brother and sister.

    “Frankielen was a generous and loving person. I believe God chose her for this purpose so a miracle could happen,” her husband said.

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