Harold Camping STOLE My Parents

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    The doomsday prophet claimEd the world will end on OCTOBER 21, 2011

    May 21, 2011, came and went. Nothing happened.

    I feverishly checked the message boards for post-May 21 updates. All those people who quit their jobs, maxed out their credit cards, drove in RVs that said, “May 21, 2011: Judgment Day”—what would they say now? There were no rolling earthquakes, no bodies released from the graves, no Rapture. Were they despairing? Shame-faced? Repentant?

    Why would I even care what a bunch of kooks following the doomsday teachings of controversial cult leader Harold Camping decided to do with their time?

    Because this bunch of kooks includes my mom and dad.

    I couldn’t believe the outlandish and pathetic claims the “Latter Rain” and “Time and Judgment” Yahoo groups put forth to excuse the fact that they were just dead wrong: May 21st marked the end of salvation…believers were “spiritually” raptured…October 21 would now mark the end of the world…those still in local churches were under the command of Satan and were definitely not followers of God.

    Did my parents actually believe this garbage? Would they choose Harold Camping over me, again? I felt desperate—what would it take to tear my mom and dad away from this date-setting drivel and bring them back to Jesus, and to me? I had tried talking with them before, but discussions quickly degenerated into shouting matches.

    So I decided to write them. Say my piece, plead with them to stop wasting their lives and distancing themselves from me and their grandson. Beg them to re-evaluate what they believed before they sold all their possessions, or cut communication with me totally, or worse. So many doomsday cults end with suicide. They were so sure we’d all be destroyed or raptured by May 21, but here we were, very much alive. And…didn’t they miss me?

    Would they even respond? Our relationship dangled by a thread as it was.

    Dear Mom and Dad,
    I struggle with how those who believe these things [about May 21st] could, within a weekend, go from bewilderment and disbelief at not being raptured, to absolute certainty that God meant to deceive and shut their eyes to the truth as a part of a big master plan. God sounds like a jerk. An untrustworthy, deceiving jerk.

    My mouse hovered over the “Send” button. I closed my eyes and inhaled. The stuff was about to hit the fan.

    Upon this rock, I stand

    When I was little, my folks would play records for me before I left for school in the morning. “I Am a Promise,” “Yes, Jesus Loves Me,” and songs about God’s agape love filled my ears from the time I could say my ABCs. That, and morning Bible quizzes from Family Radio.
    MannaXPRESS cropped_Harold_Camping-4 Harold Camping STOLE My Parents

    Yes, Jesus loved me, and so did Mom and Dad. My dad taught me to read Charles Dickens in kindergarten and trounced me in board games until I lost my intimidation for playing against adults. He taught me to debate him enthusiastically and without fear. When the play rivalry ended, he would hoist me on his shoulders, praise my crazy drawings and wild hair, or allow me to pull his bushy beard. I adored him.

    My mom didn’t tell me how to reverence God as much as she showed me, by reading Bible stories, or by ensuring that I gave God thanks for everything—from my ham sandwiches to my crayons. My mom was so adamant about my spiritual formation that she would wake me at 5:30 a.m. and take me with her on the Sundays she had to work at the hospital. I’d sleep in the staff lounge until it was time to walk to Sunday school, then I’d stay there for services from 9:30 a.m. until my mom got off work at 3:30 p.m. Every. Other. Week.

    I feigned sickness many times to try to sleep in, but Mommy didn’t play that. She helped me see worshiping God as my priority. She was my rock, and God was hers.

    Because of this, at 5 years old, in Sunday school, I came to understand the gospel through felt board and a faithful teacher. I trusted in Christ.

    Fuzzy math

    If Family Radio had a mascot, and mascots could be voices, it would be the voice of Harold Camping: gravelly deep in monotone, with a touch of saliva on delivery. I used to think that God must sound like Harold Camping. He never hesitated to give an answer, seemed to know every verse in the Bible from Nahum to Jude, and faithfully encouraged his listeners not to take his word for it but to search the Scriptures themselves for God’s truth.

    Family Radio, established in 1958 with the goal of faithfully and skillfully teaching the Bible, had long been a lighthouse in a sea of God-phobic secular stations and spiritually shallow Christian ones. Droves of believers have tuned in for decades. The organization was attractive in its simplicity; the founder, Harold Camping, did not receive payment for his role as director, and the stations continue to be listener-supported. Family Radio boasts 66 stations, two shortwave facilities and two TV stations, with broadcasts translated into 36 languages from Amharic to Uzbek, and more than $120 million in assets. That’s a lot of listener support.

    When I entered high school I noticed a shift. Programs like Unshackled, sermons of James Boice, or the Old Time Gospel Hour were pulled and replaced with Harold Camping studies.

    Then, in 1994, Harold Camping announced that the end of the world would come in September.

    Matthew 24:36 says, “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Harold Camping’s response to the passage in Matthew was basically, “True, we can’t know the day or the hour, but we can know the year and the month.”


    Family Radio was moving from orthodoxy into the cult zone.

    September 1994 came and went. Nothing happened.

    Undeterred, Harold Camping updated his prognostications. The world would likely end before 1994 did. It didn’t. My parents continued to tune in. I didn’t. I eventually moved away to attend seminary.

    My parents began to drift. First, I heard that they were in a disagreement with the church leadership back home. Then they moved far away. Right after I graduated from seminary, my parents, who faithfully reared me to reverence corporate worship, teaching, and prayer, informed me that God had judged the churches, all according to Harold Camping. The Holy Spirit had departed. They did, too.

    Because the church age ended, they explained, there was no need to keep tenets of the faith like the Lord’s Supper or baptism. I could no longer talk to my parents about huge chunks of my life—my class on the Trinity, my husband’s appointment to an associate pastor position, the frustration I experienced in ministry. My dad and I used to parse Greek words together with nerdy glee; now, I didn’t even want to tell him if I had a bad day at work.

    In 2006, my husband and I went to visit my folks for the first time as newlyweds. While we were talking over breakfast, while we watched movies, while we slept, Family Radio droned on, always. We strained to communicate over the noise.

    One day, my mother and father said that they had studied the Scriptures and were convinced that what Camping said was true.

    “What’s true?” I asked.

    “We can know when the end of the world is. God warned Noah. God warned Jonah. He warned Abraham and Lot. We can know. He always tells His people when trouble is coming. The end of the world is May 21, 2011.”

    I hadn’t heard my mom and dad talk about Jesus for years, but they sure spread the news of Judgment Day on May 21st like it was the gospel. They left tracts as tips in hotels and restaurants (I’m sure that left a great impression) and made the “awesome news” part of every conversation they had with both strangers and loved ones. I braced myself for apocalyptic talk each time I answered a phone call. The truth is, they became uncomfortable to be around.

    Yet my parents responded to their loss of friends as if they were persecuted for Jesus’ sake. My father, who drives a taxi, bought car magnets that declared the end of the world and said, “The Bible guarantees it.”

    We vowed not to stay at my parents’ house for more than a couple of days and instead took them on cruises when we visited (what a feat on our ministry salaries!), because their short-wave radio would not work on the high seas. Ever determined, they purchased a netbook solely to listen to Family Radio online whenever they stayed with us.

    Our relationship atrophied. When my parents visited, they never went to church with us, even though my husband was one of the two pastors. Shortly after I had my first child in the summer of 2010 (a miracle for this 30-something), my mother told me that she prayed I wouldn’t get pregnant because the end is near.

    My mom came to visit one “last” time in March. A pregnant friend of mine came over, and when she told my mom of her September due date, all my mother did was grunt. Then she walked away.

    My father, my lifelong verbal sparring partner, told me he didn’t want to talk to me about May 21st. “It wouldn’t do much good,” he said. Instead, he instructed me to listen to a two-hour Harold Camping interview. I did. In it, Camping stated that the proof of true belief was not faith in Jesus Christ but in an unquestioning resolve that May 21, 2011, was the Rapture date. It was sin, sin, to doubt even for a moment.

    This doomsday date-setting was a media gold mine. I heard about Harold Camping everywhere—atheists planned Rapture parties, CNN incredulously followed the RV caravans. They were being mocked now, the Camping followers said, but they would have the last laugh. God would vindicate them and scoffers would be toast. Local news reporters interviewed people who quit their jobs, drained their life savings, and stopped having sex (lest they conceive a baby destined for annihilation—see sidebar), so they could spread the word about May 21st.

    My parents, who are retired on fixed incomes, bought two new cars with astronomical car notes in the first week of May. Facebook was ablaze with photos from South Africa, Thailand, Ohio, and New York of billboards that warned in every language of the coming judgment. Leno and Letterman and America and the world laughed. And waited.

    May 21, 2011, finally arrived. We Skyped with my parents that morning so my mom could say goodbye to my son. My dad had already resigned himself to the fact that nothing was going to happen. My mother, however, vehemently disagreed. “There are 24 hours in a day!” she bellowed. While I bounced my son on my knee, she described the impending rolling earthquakes that would begin in Dallas. She shared the doomsday details with casual detachment, as though she were talking about the nail polish color she picked out before a manicure.

    Her words were ice water in my spine.

    Who were these people? This couldn’t be the woman who woke me up for Sunday school and lovingly prayed with me before tucking me in each night. This couldn’t be the man who encouraged me to speak the truth, fearlessly.

    The End is near…again

    May 21st came and went. Nothing happened.

    Enough. I had heard Harold Camping in a press conference say that those who spent their life savings, sold their homes, and quit their jobs in anticipation of The End would “cope.” I heard him say that the people of the earth “shook in terror” at the Judgment Day message, and that’s just like an earthquake. My dad parroted these thoughts when I next chatted with him, and added, “The May 21st date may be wrong, but the church thing isn’t. We just have to keep calculating.”

    I laid my thoughts bare, with nothing left to lose but hope. I prayed that God would create a wedge in my e-mail for truth to slip through to them.

    I’m trying to see a thread of Christianity in this, but I don’t. It’s a false gospel. You are being led astray. Satan has rendered you useless to the kingdom as you waste your time calculating and theorizing instead of actually interacting with people and sharing the gospel of Jesus with them.

    I am so sad for you both. So grieved. This is not the abundant life—chasing equations and sitting by a radio when you could be worshiping God and serving His people.

    Family Radio has taught you to abuse the Bible and see parables where there are none, come to false conclusions, and then defend the false conclusions (rather than repent) when they don’t come to pass like you guaranteed they would. So arrogant. So false. So sad.

    What will happen to my son? To me? To my husband? Annihilation? I’m not sure how you both resolve this in your relationship with us…but that must make you really sad.

    Do you believe anything will happen on October 21st?

    My mouse hovered over the Send button. I closed my eyes and inhaled…and clicked.

    Months passed and nothing happened. No response. No acknowledgment. Nothing.

    I don’t know what my parents believe about October 21st, Harold Camping’s latest, lamest doomsday date. I don’t know if they believe my family and I are doomed. I don’t know if the warm, loving, dedicated people I once knew will ever pass through the doors of a church again, or whether they will repent.

    But I do know this: October 21st will come and go. Nothing will happen.

    Campingisms: What Harold Camping and His Followers Believe

    What Camping says: Hell does not exist. God in His mercy will annihilate people rather than have them suffer eternal torment and separation from Him.

    What (Most) Christianity says: Hell is a real, physical place of eternal torment, and is a place reserved for those whose faith is not in Jesus Christ (Luke 12:4-5, Rev. 20:9-15).

    What Camping says: May 21, 2011, marked a spiritual rapture of God’s elect. The time of salvation is over, and humanity is now in torment. The end of the world is October 21, 2011.

    What Christianity says: “No man can know the day or the hour” of Christ’s return. The Rapture (literally, “snatching up”) of God’s people and the torment of unbelievers will be physical and unambiguous.

    What Camping says: Since May 21, 1988, the Holy Spirit has left the churches. Anyone attending a church is under the command of Satan.

    What Christianity says: The gates of hell won’t prevail against the Church. The Church is the bride of Christ, and those in Christ are sealed by the Holy Spirit as a down payment for an eternal inheritance.

    What Camping says: The way to salvation is to beg for mercy. Perhaps God may save you (pre-May 21st). To say you “believe” in Jesus or “put your trust” in Him is an arrogant work—and no one is saved by works.

    What Christianity says: If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9-10).

    Sharifa Stevens is a wife and mother, singer, and writer. She earned a B.A. from Columbia University in New York and a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. She lives in Dallas.


    Sharifa Stevens
    Sharifa Stevens
    is a wife and mother, singer, and writer. She earned a B.A. from Columbia University and a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. She lives in Dallas.

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    1. This story reminds me of a relative that is passing through Sharifa’s ordeal. So refreshing to know and tell my relative that there are other children of Harold Camping’s victims feeling the sting from the old man’s delusions.

    2. Acts 17:11 Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

    3. Harold Camping reminds me of Rip Van Winkle. I hope it will not be too late when he wakes up and finds the world is not coming to an end based on his uncanny prediction. I thought once beaten, you should be twice shy. How come he is thrice beaten and not once shy?

    4. The bible says:

      Matthew 24:36 “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
      Mark 13:31 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.
      Acts 1:7 He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.

      What is camping and those like him reading, a comic book?

    5. Hi Sharifa,
      I went through a similar experience but I was the ones in your parents’ shoes. It’s a spiritual trap and blindness. I know it hurts a lot for you- but just pray for the Lord to set them free from this deception. He did me…I so regret the family members I shut off during that time…I almost left my husband and kids to join the group. God saved me from the deception- and it was so shocking. They are deceived as you know…and trapped, but God- the real one, can set them free. Take your hurts to him. Psalm 27, He is a father of the fatherless. The false water of a false Christ IS poison, but the real one, will comfort you sister, heal your heart, and can rescue your parents from the evil they are involved in. breadoflife888@gmail.com

    6. Ok this guy is what 100? AND he’s had a stroke. I work with old people and know for a fact that people that have had strokes often have impaired judgement. This joker is delusional and making money of people who are searching for something in the wrong places. They should hear it from a REAL man of God. Not a wanna be who wants their money then says “oh they’ll cope.” Really? I guess I don’t get why people don’t research and pray like the REAL bible says to. The old dude should be put in a psych ward then transfered to a nursing home without telephone privlages.PLEASE someone deem him incompetent!!!

    7. Campings knows where he is going to, and it is definitely not heaven. At times men of God perform great feats and forget that it is by the grace of God they are successful. They fall prey to the sin of ARROGANCE. They start seeing themselves on par with God and their love waxes cold. That, I believe is what has happened to Campings. In his old age, when he should be enjoying his walk with God and be waiting to hear the Lord Almighty say, “welcome good and faithful servant”, he has instead SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE devil. LISTEN UP PEOPLE and stop being deceived, God has laid up eternity for believers to enjoy, but He also wants us to enjoy our time on earth as well. He does not want us to live in fear, but in peace, joy, love and a sound mind. To live in fear is to live in bondage and that is what this doomsday crap is. Live free and let God take care of the unseen and unknown. It is well with the saints, it is well with the Church. AND if the rapture comes at this 2nd, it is well.

    8. If you believe Harold Camping is right with his outlandish predictions, then you must not be a true Christuan or believer of Christ. Isn’t one of the commandments that we shall not worship false idols? Believing what this man has to say, more than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, should put you in deep depression. You should be ashamed of yourself!

    9. Very simple to understand this person! He didn’t read what JESUS said when He left! Jesus said He would return for His Bride;as a Thief in the Night! The Hour or The Day NO ONE(including Him) knows but, OUR FATHER in Heaven!!!!!!! BUT, We that are His true Followers; Could know The Season!! Jerusaleum is The Key! We Must All Walk in Love towards our Enemies n those who are Lost! My Jesus is Not a Whimp! The Day is Coming that The Whole World will KNOW HE is KING of Kings n LORD of Lords! Every Knee will BOW n Every Tongue confess, “”JESUS is LORD of All”! Peace for Jerusaleum! Wisdom from The LORD! Are my Prayers! Shelah!

    10. [quote name=”Tony”]Acts 17:11 Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.[/quote]
      EXCELLENT Tony – I posted your comments on facebook for Sharifa !

    11. There is no Biblical basis for a Rapture anyway. None whatsoever. The ones who are taken are dead. Read the Bible, the whole thing not what you want to see. The Tares (sinners) are gathered first to be destroyed. The reason believers are to meet Jesus in the air is so we know without a doubt it is Him who has returned. Satan cannot control gravity only God can. Harold Camping will pay for eternity for what he has done.

    12. The Bible warns us to be careful of false teachers. This is living proof. Father God, in the name of Jesus, helps us to see the lie in this man and the truth in Your Word. Amen & Amen!!!

    13. I am not trying to change your opinion but perhaps some of your own beliefs are similar to your parents – not so much in substance but degree? Salvation, as espoused by many mainstream denominations, is often seen by many as repugnant because it is underpinned by a coercive element. Bluntly put – believe or burn. Imagine marital or familial relationships with the same dynamic – love me or I will hurt you. I think the antipathy towards the gospel message is misconstrued by those in the church. It is not that people are wilful and inherently evil to reject salvation but horror that such a being could exist and that simple basic concepts such as love, patience, selflessness, etc are redefined to mean the exact opposite when it comes to God.

    14. I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal and hope your family will get over this. It is however a good idea to evaluate all your beliefs including your rock solid believe in scripture. When you will look closely, you will find that what you believe has just as much standing as what Camping says: lies, self delusion and magical thinking is all it is. I understand you don’t want to hear this and might it offensive and I am sorry if this this truth hurts you.

    15. The great deceiver has injured so many people and families that got caught up in his calendar substituting it for the Gospel; the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

      Sadly, some of Harold’s followers continue to suggest new dates for the calendar even though Harold is now basically silent and 2011 has, thankfully, passed.

    16. Camping may be intellegent and perhaps even a bible scholar but I find his money donations machine, like that of may other TV and Radio Preachers who prey on the uneducated and uninformed to be utterly reprensible.

    17. Harold Campings false gospel surely has a hold on your parents. I have been studying Campinitism for 3 years now, and date setting is a minor part of his false teachings, when you actually take a good look. Your parents have many years of various false teachings to renounce. Even as they move away from the teachings, they will need your patience. It will take much time to clear their head of it. I have devoted several videos on youtube to refuting Harold and EBible Fellowship, another group like Harold’s. God has been exposing their lies, and followers are speaking out on their chat boards. My prayers are with you. From Desi of “PastorBillandDesi”.

    18. Hi Sharifa- I’m so sorry to hear how your parents got caught up in this thing, which really needs to be formally recognized as a full-fledged cult.

      This was such a well written article. Could you please give an update on how your folks are doing now, post-2011? Hopefully they are done with this cult.


    19. UPDATE!: October 21 2011 ALSO came and went!… Guess what: “NOTHING HAPPENED!!” Dammit, we were explicitly “WARNED” about false prophets like Harold Camping! Thanks to him, many thousands of hopelessly “deluded” souls will spend their eternity chained to church-pews in hell!! Their ultimate punishment is that they will have to spend eternity listening to good-old Mr. Camping, who will be “forced” (that will be “HIS” part of the punishment) to preach his endless “doomsday calculations” and “rapture theories!”*** Did I believe this “false prophet’s teachings? “YES!!” But not so much that I would sell off my possessions and hit the road in a NEW CAR!!… one that I could never even HOPE to be abled to make the “PAYMENTS” on!! Did I still feel stupid for falling for Camping’s deception? “OFCOURSE! But this demonised agent of deception still seems to have people in his psychic “trance.” They seem “incapable” of snapping OUT of it! This is enough to “chill my blood”, and I do NOT scare easy

    20. Needless to say.. Harold Camping is one VERY dangerous “false prophet! His deceptions came right out of “God’s WORD!” Hey hey hey, False prophets don’t get any more “frightening” than THAT! We were all warned about “decievers” like Mr. Camping. He has “SHOWN” me just how DANGEROUS a “false prophet” can really “BE!!!!”

    21. Letter to the “moderators:” ( There’s no need to “post” this.)I’m afraid I “swore” during my first “posting.” I did not say the dreaded “F-word”, of even the rotten “S-word”. But it just dawned on me that this is a “christian” blog, and Many christians have a profound inability to tolorate even the “slightest” cuss-word. Exceedingly “tender ears”, they do have!! And oh, so EASILY offended! If my first “posting” does not get “approval”, I will “re-write” it MINUS the swear-words. With sincere apologies. A.B.Kings

    22. It sure is “STUPID” to “CUSS” on a Christian blog-site. Again, “sorry.” I also want to say “thanks” for letting me “post.”

    23. Hi Sharifa; I do feel for you and your parents, but the fact is, Christ did exactly as He said He would. Like a thief in the night. And He stole the possibility of salvation on May 21 of 2011. The “timeline” in the bible remains unchallenged. It was God’s perfect will to not give us more than we could bear at that time. Look around! Does this world seem a better place? It is because God is not restraining sin as He once did. Spiritually there was a great seperation of the wheat from the tares. Those who drew back into the world, the churches, and have stopped their ears, represent the tares, the chaff, those under judgement. Wonderfully, we have learned a great deal more! God has not stopped giving us meat in due season! Mr Camping had the concept correct about the feast of tabernacles/ingathering being the believers being caught up to be with the Lord, but he did not have the physical manifestation of that day correct. God is not the Author of confusion, the many who were suicidal, or resentful were not of God most likely. There are many verses to back up every belief I’ve laid out: the no man knows theory is a snare! Look it up in your concordance, He does work that way. Ebible fellowship, Chris McCann, Gunther Von Harringa are faithful teachers and we have been very blessed by being able to understand what we didn’t before! Please see the facebook page and may God bless you, and your family, sincerely, Donna

      • Donna, I want to thank you for your compassionate tone throughout your response. I admire that, and am thankful.

        I don’t wish to argue with you. I do have a responsibility to readership, and to the Lord, to say that what you are talking about is outside of the bounds of Christian Orthodoxy. I am quite sure that you have Scripture references to back up your claims; cults usually misuse and contort the Bible to suit their own theories. Satan himself, while trying to tempt Jesus in Matthew 4, used God’s Word in his nefarious schemes.

        At the time that Jesus walked this earth, babies were being slaughtered, corrupt governments oppressed and murdered the innocent, and whole societies engaged in harmful sexual and societal practices. Sound familiar? The world has been fallen since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

        Harold Camping, before his death, apologized for misleading people with the very claims that you still uphold and have built upon. Your belief system is built on doctrinal sand. It changes with every failed prophecy and every convoluted reinterpretation of your timeline. You are right: God is not the Author of confusion, but you and those who believe as you do stubbornly choose to remain confused. The confusion leads those like you to live in isolation, fear, pride and compassionlessness. These are not the fruit of the Spirit. This is not of God.

        However, Donna, I can see from your response that your desire to be faithful to the Lord. I know that this is the desire of my parents as well. I hope that you and my parents are freed from bondage so that you may freely serve our gracious God. You and Ebible Fellowship are still striving under a man-made yoke. Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I truly hope that you experience the unearned, unmerited wonder of His grace.

        • What ever happened with your parents? Have you been able to restore a relationship with them? I’m not interested in all these nay-Sayers in here, as I too am a firm believer of Jesus Christ. You made a statement earlier in your original post that I’m planning to use when I speak to the youth at a local church here in Shreveport. But if you actually see this post, email me please.

    24. As a true committed believer for 40 years at the age of 60 I finally realized that all of Christianity is a cult based on the failed predictions of its own leader Jesus. In the same way that Harold Camping predicted the end with absolute certainty (along with dozens of false prophets that preceded him) and it did not happen, Jesus himself clearly predicted that he would return during the generation to which he spoke and it too did not happen. His own failed predictions are proof that he is not divine and no matter how faithfully Christians wait for his return it will never happen. Christians (of which I was one) are as deceived by their traditions as Muslims waiting for the return of the 12th Emam or the Jews waiting for the return of the Messiah. I now realize what I refused to even admit the possibility of for 40 years…the bible is not the inspired word of God, but was written by men and contains mistakes and contradictions.
      There is no heaven, no hell, no angels, no demons and no God. I regret all the years I spent believing a lie, wasting money to spread that lie, and teaching it with absolute certainty as truth to my children. I was wrong and was just too arrogant and certain that I was right to read the mountains of evidence that proves the bible is most definitely not divine.

      • God predicted your thoughts… 2 Peter Chapter 3, starting at Verse 3: knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come jin the last days with scoffing, kfollowing their own sinful desires. 4 lThey will say, “Where is the promise of mhis coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.” 5 For they deliberately overlook this fact, that the heavens existed long ago, and the earth nwas formed out of water and through water oby the word of God, 6 and that by means of these the world that then existed pwas deluged with water and qperished. 7 But by the same word rthe heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and sdestruction of the ungodly.”

        Repent! Jesus is coming soon! He loves you! Turn from your sin and surrender your life to Him!


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