God Answered My Prayer For a Healing Miracle

    Asking for a miracle
    Asking for a miracle

    By Tony McCleary 

    As we mature in life we will come across many surprises regarding our health. I didn’t find out that I had lung and heart disease until my early 70’s. However, I would have never found out about the critical state of my heart, had I not had an unrelated illness that sent me to the hospital.

    Last February 2017, I came down with a severe infection that put me in the hospital for three consecutive days, including a full month of misery at home. I was suffering from severe chills and muscle pains throughout my body. The cause was undetermined after many lab exams, x-rays, and a full cat scan taken of the body.

    Three months later I got pneumonia, due mainly to a body weakened by the infection. In late July, I was called by my Primary Care doctor to visit her and go over some medical information.

    I went to see her, and she gave me the results of the cat scan taken in February at the hospital. She said, “It’s confirmed that you don’t have cancer, but it shows extensive calcium deposits in the heart arteries.” She recommended that I see a cardiologist as soon as possible.

    In early August, I visited a cardiologist associated with Emory Hospital in Atlanta. He went over the same report and decided to schedule a stress test and a cat scan, but for the heart area only.

    It was one disaster after another. I already suffer from severe asthma that I control with Dulera (an asthma medication). So, facing the worst news of my life, I did the stress test, and of course, I flunked it! A few days later I went for the cat scan of the heart, and that confirmed my deepest fears.

    When I saw my cardiologist during my second visit to review the stress test and the results of the new cat scan, worse news I couldn’t possibly have received. The doctor gave me some options to choose, but everything led to the operating table.

    I opted to submit for a “cardiac catheterization of the heart procedure.” I was told that this procedure would determine the extent of the damage caused by the calcification of the arteries. The surgeon would then decide whether to repair the arteries with stents, right there and then, or arrange for a bypass operation a week or so later.

    Neither of the two options appeared appealing. But a bypass operation would have placed me in a very difficult situation. I found that the recovery period was anywhere from a month to two months in bed, including a full week at the hospital.

    I live alone, and I just couldn’t see myself having to depend on my adult children to help me. Two are working parents with children of their own, and the younger one is fully occupied in building his law career. However, the pressure was on me by my family to do something about my “critical condition”. My cardiologist laid the plan clearly, and unless I did something about it soon I could have a heart attack, anytime!

    The cat scan to the heart, which was done on August 18, had the following results typed by the doctor who analyzed it:

    The total score of 2,127 (the points scored after adding up all four arteries) means that 94% of asymptomatic patients of the similar age (I am 72 yrs. old) and gender have less calcified coronary arterial plaque than this patient. The calcium score corresponds to extensive atherosclerotic plaque.

    My cardiologist recommended an immediate intervention, meaning, a date with a surgeon at Emory’s St Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta for the procedure.

    I panicked, and I told him that I would consider it. He gave me two weeks to ponder my decision. This was in late-August, and I chose to go to Jesus Christ and ask him for a “vision of healing.”

    A vision of healing is a request to God in Jesus to help you to clear up a specific problem. Mainly a severe illness, and in my case it was heart disease. On August 22, and in the middle of the night, I felt the presence of Jesus come into my bedroom. He was accompanied by three other spirits, all women.

    I was fully awake since I couldn’t sleep, so when the vision was manifested I had the privilege of experience it.

    Jesus said, “For the glory of my Father, I will now heal you of your heart condition.” Then he proceeded to place his right hand on my chest for at least 30 seconds. That’s exactly what I heard Jesus say and do!

    On Friday, September 29, early in the morning my son took me to the hospital, and I was prepared for the intervention. At 12:30 pm, I was rolled on my bed to the operating room, and I remember seeing nurses and the surgeon. I was greeted, and at 1:15 pm they went straight to work on me.

    The catheter was inserted into my right arm, on the underside near the wrist. After an hour plus of activity, the surgeon got up and said to me, “I’ve placed two stents in one artery, and none on the other three arteries. You’re good to go, but you’ll need to stay overnight for you were sedated, and you require monitoring of the heart for the next 24 hours. You also don’t have to come back.” He told me he wanted to speak to my son who was waiting in the guest lounge, and then he left the operating room.

    I came home the following day, and I began taking the recommended medications that were prescribed. A few days later, I got back to power-walking in my neighborhood, and to moderate weight lifting for toning up.

    Here are the “miracles” that occurred through prayers:

    1) All that was required with my heart was one single artery repaired with two stents. The other three arteries were found flowing normally.

    2) I was spared from major surgery, pain, and a lengthy recuperation period.

    3) My family was saved from the sacrifices that would have been required to take care of me, if a bypass operation had been performed.

    Miracles will not occur unless you believe in them. And to believe you need to pray regularly to God. Therefore, belief in God is critical. When your life is on the line, and time is running out, then you pray with belief that a divine power will hear you out.

    I believe, so I asked Jesus Christ in total faith for a “vision of healing.” In other words, a miracle to cure my illness, and to spare me from major surgery.

    I thanked Jesus Christ for having heard my prayers, and my request for a healing of my heart. And I thanked my family and friends who prayed for me.

    To Jesus Christ I went for help, and I recall that during the vision of healing he deferred the glory to his Father. I also thanked God our Father!

    Someone once said, “To believe is divine, and to pray with faith is power in motion.” I hope these words help you on your journey through life.

    This is my story, and very recent indeed.

    When I write my articles, I wish for people to get value for their time taken to read them. But most important, I show insights into another world, the spiritual world where we can go and ask for help. Sometimes we need to reach outside of medical possibilities. By the simple act of asking we will receive. I’ve experienced many trials, and my latest bout with heart disease was very difficult to understand and accept.

    This article will hopefully open your eyes to that which exists when you pray and talk to your God, for we all deserve to be assisted from above.

    I will be happy to pray, as a courtesy, for anyone who comes to me on my Blog at: http://tonymccleary.blogspot.com/.



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