From Misery To Fulfillment During The Journey Of MannaXPRESS

    This vision was started more than a decade ago. Drenched in the rain of doubt and beset by bolts of anxiety, I feared what laid ahead of me. I was under the erroneous impression that it required just my effort. It did not help that I was also struggling to get off a hectic emotional roller coaster at the time. Everything looked rosy on the outside, but it was a war of thorns on the inside. I had to pull myself together even if it meant faking it to make it on some occasions.

    Above all, a divine mandate was given to me; I either ran with it or ran from it. I choose the former and the journey of Mannaexpress commenced. The rest is a heart of gratitude and various seasons of ups and downs. To God be the glory!

    This video is about yesterday’s genesis to today’s revelation of Mannaexpress. One truth I have come to realize is no man is an island – it takes a village to cause a global impact. Truthfully, it is just not only about me but about as many hands as possible coming together to make this vision a reality. We can take this mandate further to the ends of the earth. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Please share, subscribe, and remain blessed.

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