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About May Oyairo

May Oyairo is the Founder and Publisher of the MannaXPRESS. A global publication dedicated to inspiring hope and empowering the minds of all and sundry. She built MannaXPRESS from concept to completion and knows what it takes to launch a project and career. 

May is an experienced journalist in the publishing and entertainment industry having interviewed, written and published celebrity interviews and general interest stories. Her human-interest stories empower minds, encourage hearts and have garnered both national and international engagement.  

A natural-born encourager, May enjoys coaching others toward identifying and achieving their life’s passion. She believes value-driven content must be championed and brought to the forefront of positively impacting lives and aid in raising tomorrow’s leaders.  Outside the publishing arena, May works in the IT sector and has been a Senior Consultant with some Fortune 500 companies. 

Outside of work, May enjoys traveling, nature, reading a good book, and eating great food.