Founder of the prayer mountain in Dallas – Pastor Summers by May Oyairo

    MannaXPRESS pastors-summers-4 Founder of the prayer mountain in Dallas - Pastor Summers by May Oyairo  [dropcap]A.J[/dropcap] Gordon declared that “You can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you can never do more than pray until you have prayed. Prayer is vital in a believer’s life as it’s the only way in which man being mortal connects with God the immortal.” The bible repeatedly admonishes believers to pray.

    It is with this revelation that Pastors Robert and Jo Ann Summers founded the Prayer Mountain, a beautiful serene environment with High wooded hills over-looking the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex  area and the home to Mountain Creek Community Church, Dallas, in 1986. The prayer mountain is a favorite place of prayer and worship among diverse cultures that come up to worship or seek the face of God in prayer. Seeing the way people are praying individually or in groups is a reminder of what Heaven looks like.

    Every big vision begins small  and in the 1960’s the Summers were working in the inner city of Houston; Pastor Jo Ann was teaching while Pastor Robert was doing social work with the youths. During this time, God called them to minister to the hippies that had moved into the Ellen landing District of Houston. After their season of effective ministry to the hippies was up they began travelling with the charismatic renewal movement.

    It was during this period that a tragedy happened in their family as their 18 month old son accidentally broke his leg in a church nursery. The doctors had to string him upside down so that both legs would grow at the same speed for six weeks. Unfortunately, in those days that was the only available medical treatment.  However during this dark season JoAne begun to seek the face of the Lord and mobilized a body of believers to pray.  In the midst of this turmoil Pastor Robert had to leave for a speaking engagement in Midland, Texas. Although it was challenging, he took a leap of faith and went to do the will of the Lord.

    A few weeks later Pastor Robert  was flying from Dallas, TX to meet his son and wife when he noticed some hills in South west  Dallas. He seemed surprised since the hills were unknown to him, a great conversant with the geology of Dallas.  He asked a passenger who was seated next to him about the hills. “White Rock hills” was his response. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to him in a still voice that the Hill was the highest point in Dallas and would be a great place to build Him a place of prayer. It was in 1969.

    Months passed and the idea seemed to take a back seat in the mind of Pastor Robert but God was working behind the scenes and  began drawing them closer to the hill.

    In 1971, they accepted an assignment from Pastor David Wilkerson’s ministry and moved to Dallas. Shortly after they became editors for the Christ For The Nation Magazine.

    In 1980, God moved within 200 miles of White Rock Hills. One rainy spring day, a prophet came to their door and told them of a staggering vision he had received from the Lord in regards to their ministry. He continued to explain how he saw Pastor Robert standing and ministering on top of a hill. On one side of the hill, he could see a lake and on the other side he could see a creek.  The vision was so accurate, that the prophet saw the subject matter that Pastor Robert was teaching on. Unknown to the prophet, the Lord had spoken to Pastor Robert about building a prayer center.

    Excited about what the Lord was doing, they set out to find the hills but since the whole area was a ranch, their mission was cut short as there were no roads into the hills.

    After another assignment in a church in North Dallas, Pastor Robert began to seek the face of God earnestly and the vision begun to deeply resound in his heart and mind. It was time to build the prayer center although he had no idea how. Coincidentally, Pastor Yonggi Cho invited him to help him dedicate another prayer mountain in Kentucky. While in prayer in Kentucky, the Lord yet again impressed upon his heart the vision to build the prayer center in Dallas, Texas.

    In January 1985 they began a small fellowship in their living room and shared the vision of the prayer center.  They tried to buy the property from a great commercial residential developer but were turned down. During a meeting with the property development vice president, he took pastor Summers on a helicopter ride to survey the area and just like in 1969, he saw the same hill top and this time it stood out as the canyons were still under the shadows. He knew in his heart that this was hill that they were going to buy and build the prayer and worship center.

    They raised funds to buy the land by baking and garage sales. At the end of the day, the money could not meet the down payment. The Lord gave them favor and they secured 6 acres of land that they paid out in 3 years.

    No sooner after buying the land they started experiencing demonic oppression from the witches that had been using the hill for their own cultic practices.  One day they found a dead black cat hanging on the gate, the cross they had erected was stolen but after months of prayer it was brought back and  today it stands beside the prayer sign. Unknown to them, this very hill was a favorite spot for the witches in the metroplex since it was the highest point in Dallas City. The bible reveals that there is authority that resides in the highest point of the city. The kings of Israel were always judged by what they did with high places.

    Pastor Robert and Jo Ann credit their success to God and the pioneers that stood with them diligently through the whole process. They committed to build the center debt free and today despite all the additions, it is a debt free facility.

    The vision has come to pass despite the hurdles. This powerful testimony proves that God is no respecter of persons; if He did it for the Summers, he can do it for you.

    For more information about the Mountain Creek Community Church, visit www.mtcreek.com.

    Let us pray for Pastors Robert and JoAn Summers that the work the Lord has been doing in their lives, will bring them double fold reward, in Jesus name. Pray that upon the prayer mountain, there will be deliverance on a daily basis, there will holiness and those seeking the face of God will possess their possessions, in Jesus powerful name.

    May Oyairo
    May Oyairohttp://www.mannaexpressonline.com
    is the Founder and Publisher of MannaXPRESS.

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