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    MannaXPRESS shyra-4 Following Your Path  [dropcap]”T[/dropcap]reat others the way you would want to be treated”. That is a statement we have all heard at one time or another, but many do not live by it. There are so many who want to have the “FINER” things in life, but they do not want to work at it to achieve it. There are individuals who want things to simply be given to them and if there is a cost associated with obtaining that item or information, they will search for any way possible to avoid paying for the information even if money is not a limiting factor or at the very least they want a “hook up”. Individuals who are seeking to improve their lives have to get out of this mind-frame and start striving for bigger and better!

    The “Get Rich Quick” schemes aren’t an option either. While I was at church today, the Pastor asked the question, “How many of you want to be car note free?” Many hands went up to this question. He then asked them, “If this is true, then why do you keep going to trade in your car for a new one every two years?” The second question he asked was, “How many of you want to be credit card debt free?”. The hands went up again and he asked, “Then why do you keep using them?”

    It is up to us to improve the situations that we are in. We cannot blame others for it. We must constantly evaluate and then re-evaluate the things that we are doing and make the necessary changes to obtain the results that we desire and to address the issues that we are facing. When God gives us a financial blessing, we aren’t supposed to go out and blow it on unnecessary things. When it comes to your relationships with individuals, you must treat them the way you would want to be treated. If you have a friend who has opened up a business of some type, be a friend and support them and their business. Don’t go to your friend asking them to “hook you up”. Understand that it does cost money to run the business and if you are a true friend, you will not go in expecting preferential treatment. You don’t go to Wal-mart asking for a “hook up”, so don’t go to your friend asking for one. We can’t live thinking about “self” all the time. Learn to be more giving of yourself and your time and watch how many more blessings begin to come your way.

    Throughout the start of my first company, God placed many obstacles in my path as a learning experience. My kind heart and my feelings got in the way MANY times and I had to learn from situations that he placed in my life. I had to learn that people take advantage of your kind heart and I had to be able to recognize this when it was happening.

    I am a very loving and giving person as well who is always wanting to “help.” There were individuals who came into the path to “LEECH” off me and God brought this to my attention and took care of those situations for me. As I sit back and think about all that has happened in the three year time frame of me following this path that God has prepared for me, I remember these individuals and the lessons God wanted me to learn from them.

    My husband and I sat one day and began to reminiscence about some of those individuals and we are still amazed today at how God took care of them for us. There were many who also tried to tell me how to run my business, but I couldn’t listen to them because I understood it was all a learning experience and in a plan that God had for me. You see, we must understand that God has much bigger things in store for us, but he has to make sure that we are prepared for those bigger and better things, when he presents them to us. If he gives us a financial blessing and we blow it on foolishness, that means we are not ready for the increase. We have to make smarter decisions in order to advance and prepare ourselves for what He has in store for us. If you haven’t already done so, start today in preparing yourself for your increase. You’ll be amazed at the rewards you receive.

    Shyra’s a Marketing Guru, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Author and Visionary. Shyra’s multifaceted skill-set and varied creativeness and business background make her highly sought after. She has a deep passion for inspiring others to self-discover and achieve their greatest potential in life. She has inspired others to pursue their visions and has assisted them in realizing they “CAN DO IT!” Life was not always as good as it is now for Shyra. Overcoming obstacles in her own life, she teaches others that they can attain the accomplishment of bringing their dreams to reality just as she did. Visit Shyra at www.roadgreatness.com.

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