flirting has dangerous tendencies

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    By D. P. Haynes

    Flirting might make your heart flutter when you flirt with a beautiful person and you get the reaction you didn’t expect. You wink your eye and get back a smile. Perhaps you smile and get an extended smile and a stare in return. What happens next is where danger starts to enter the picture. Do you turn and walk away or make the next move in the flirting game?

    You might flirt 100 times a year and only get a response 1 out of 100 times. So what’s the harm in flirting you might be thinking to yourself? Well, what happens if that 1 person is looking for more than just an innocent flirt like response? What if a phone number accompanies the flirt? Do you continue the fun and dial the number? If the person picks up do you start talking to the person?

    The problem with flirting is that what often times starts out as something fun to do can lead you down a slithering road toward an affair and possibly a break-up. It has happened to people in the past and will happen to folks in the future.

    Temptation is powerful and has taken down some of the greatest and wisest individuals who ever lived. We are all tempted to do what is not right. It’s a part of human nature. Regardless of what lies we tell ourselves, we know right from wrong. It’s what we do with the temptation that matters. However, just when you think you are strong enough to resist temptation, you find yourself failing.

    To me flirting is like starting a fire. Why light a match for no reason. There is no good to come of it. There can be a lot of harm done lighting matches and not properly putting out the match. In fact, a disaster can occur if you are not careful. It’s the same with flirting. Flirting can easily lead to an affair. Here’s why it’s dangerous.

    1. You will feel good when someone responds to your flirt.
    2. That feeling will dominate your inner being and you will enjoy the feeling.
    3. Your mind, body and soul will crave more of that good feeling.
    4. You will more than like seek more of that feeling.
    5. Flirting will soon fail to satisfy your craving and thus you will be tempted to take the next step.
    6. Temptation will keep luring you in until you have gone too far.
    7. You will regret ever flirting.

    I know you are probably laughing thinking this will never happen to you. You are to wise and strong willed, right? Well, that’s exactly how one ex United States President thought. There is a pretty famous Golfer who felt that way. Oh yeah, there are countless movies stars, athletes, politicians etc. who have fallen to temptation.

    So, in summary, please understand the risk involved with flirting. What might seem like fun at the time is opening the door for unwanted issues to creep into your relationship and life.

     D. P. Haynes is passionate about providing hope and feeling to broken hearts. Visit his blog: www.helpinmarriage.com for more posts like this. 

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