Forgiveness is the first step to your breakthrough

    Breakthrough through Forgiveness

    By Dr. Stan Harris

    If you want to have a breakthrough, you are going to have to learn to forgive. Usually, when we are in need of a breakthrough, we feel like that rocket ship that is about to break through escape velocity, and it is about to be shaken to pieces.

    The need for a breakthrough usually denotes we are in a place of frustration, hurt or even desperation. It all seems to no avail because the awaited breakthrough has yet to arrive. We want to get through to the next level, but nothing we do seems to get us there. You have to learn, and implement the first step of my formula, which is forgiveness.

    I had to learn to forgive those teenagers who tarred and feathered me and beat me to a pulp. I had to learn to forgive my father for never coming around, for not sending money to mother, and for not being there for me. I had to learn to forgive society. I had to learn to forgive my brothers.

    I had to learn to forgive those who did not even show remorse for their wrongdoing. You have to learn to forgive others, if you are going to experience your breakthrough.

    Who is it that has wronged you and you have not forgiven them? Is it your mom, dad, ex-husband/wife, parents, son, daughter, neighbor, friend, employer, etc.? Not extending forgiveness holds people down. A lack of forgiveness is a thing that keeps people from breaking through to the next level. It is crucial that you learn to forgive others.

    You need to learn to forgive others. You need to learn to forgive life. You may even need to forgive God. When unexplainable things happen and we feel like, “God, why did you let this happen, why didn’t you stop my abusers, why did you let my loved ones die before their time (our estimation)?”

    Sometimes bad things happen to good people for no apparent reason and we are tempted to wonder and ask God why?

    If you think God has done something that’s not right, then you just need to forgive Him. Not that God needs your forgiveness (His ways are above our ways), but you need to do it because you need to have a breakthrough. You will never have a breakthrough unless you learn to practice the principle of extending forgiveness.

    Sometimes you have to forgive yourself. I say this because you have tried things and you have failed. You tried again and you failed. We all let ourselves down and do not always perform, as we would feel we could or should.

    If you are like me, I am a type “A” driven personality. I have high goals, dreams and aspirations, I have times when I let myself down. If you are not careful, you will get upset with yourself for under achieving. You have to learn to forgive yourself for not reaching your goals, dreams and or aspirations.

    You have to forgive yourself for the crazy mistake that you did, or the down out wrong that you committed. For some people, the forgiveness of self is the greatest thing that they will ever learn. I know it was one of the hardest things for me to learn. I was always extra hard on myself. I am free to do better because I have balanced the hardness with forgiveness.

    Why do I keep pressing the need to forgive yourself and others? A lack of forgiveness is negative energy that can hold you back. By the way, that negative energy is the thing that keeps you locked in the prison. The key that unlocks the prison doors is in your possession, it is the key of forgiveness. Please use it now so you can go free!

    Although Heart Disease has been identified as the #1 Killer, doctors are finding out that anger, and bitterness are actually tied to the cause of heart malfunctioning. The root of anger can be traced to a lack of forgiveness. Somebody said, “Bitterness does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than the victim on whom it is poured.”

    When you have hate or anger within, the person you hurt the most is yourself. Drinking poison and looking for someone else to get sick is akin to anger, resentment and bitterness.

    The old African proverb says it best, “If there’s no enemy within, the enemy without, can do you no harm.”

    You have been hurt enough. Now is the time for you to experience your breakthrough.

    Dr. Stan Harris is a Christian and motivational speaker dedicated to teaching people how to get breakthroughs.

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