Feeling Good in Your Own Skin

    [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou make a lousy somebody else, but you make a “wonderful you”. God created you in His image, therefore, that makes you very special. Psalm 119:73 says, “The hands of God made you and fashioned you.” The fact that you’re not a duplication of anyone past, present or future— says loud and clear that you are an “original”. WOW! You should give God a “standing ovation” every morning for making you so awesome. A poor self image is a weakness and a weakness you can hide, but it will crack under pressure. A healthy self esteem will enhance your ability to think, to stretch, to learn, to grow, to process information, to manage change, to factor right decision making, to solve problems, to maximize relationships and the list goes on. A person with a healthy self image will be happier and more productive than a person with a poor self image.

    Satan always attacks our self esteem first and when we’re down on ourselves for whatever reason, anything can happen. When you feel better about yourself, you will have a more powerful influence on others for God’s Kingdom.

    The following is a commercial I challenge every reader to buy into:

    I place high value on selling myself on myself each and every day.
    I realize I am one of a kind, there is no one else like me.
    I am the first one of me, I am the last one of me! God created me and he loves my uniqueness.
    Other people have similarities with me; others are like me in some ways.
    But no one else in the world has my set of values, skills, abilities, interests, feelings, friends, sense of humor, personality, habits and dreams.
    Will to win, ambitions ideas goals.
    I am a Rembrandt!
    I am exclusive!
    I have immeasurable value!
    There is no one else in the whole human race with my kind of style and my kind of grace.
    I will never sell myself short, put myself down or underestimate what I can accomplish.
    I understand there is nothing sacred about untapped potential.
    I will have a burning desire that flows deep within my veins to live fully, to develop, to be a team player, to lead by serving and to love.
    I trust I will never forget that I am truly…

    Remember, God has endowed each one of your with the “seeds of greatness”—in other words, you have “Super Star” possibilities.

    If you can see it—
    You can do it—
    If you just believe it—
    There is nothing to it.

    Get excited about you as never before. Your future success depends on it!

    “Basketball Bill” Chaffin Speaker/Author

    Have a GREAT day!!

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