The enemies of our Faith in God

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    By Emmanuel Evans

    What are the Enemies of our Faith in God?

    The opposite of faith is our dependence on the arms of flesh, ours or of others instead of total dependence on God and  laboring with His gifts and grace. We aren’t supposed to attain God’s will and obtain His promises any other way aside through dependence on Him.

    And when our faith is on cruise control or autopilot and we feel we, God and His promises are already on same momentum and we are on a clean and clear home run, certain things rear their heads to disrupt the flow.

    They come so naturally that they look quite normal but once they get into the flow they scuttle the process and cut off from the process of receiving.

    Their ultimate aim is to make one become numb to spiritual activities and possibilities as they form habits and culture of unbelief, fear and double mindedness in a person.

    Faith in God is a spiritual and supernatural phenomenon. It rides on the fuel of man’s spiritual sensitivity. Everyone has the capacity to have and walk in faith towards God. It’s the medium of relating and communicating with the spirit realm where our physical senses can’t reach. And there lays the problem. The reluctance to explore beyond the five physical senses locks man within the reach of his senses.

    The extent of man’s response to external stimuli no matter how wide and large remains in the physical realm. No amount of travel in space and in time will bring man to the frontiers of the spirit realm. When we explore to the ends of the universe, we’ll only see that it’ll expand the more…the spirit realm is hidden to the senses and it’ll keep expanding to keep the natural man within his senses. And that’s the opposite of faith we saw earlier, man’s effort can’t reach God without God. The opposite of faith is man’s effort to reach the spiritual realm and engage in its activities to his benefit!

    The enemy of faith therefore is what the physical and natural presents in contrast to what God and the spiritual realm present. The enemy of faith in God manifests in the contradictions of the physical impossibilities to supernatural possibilities.

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. We can say He created the realms of the physical and that of the spirit. Adam existed in both in real time, he could hear God walking in the garden even after his fall. He could speak with God mouth to mouth. He had spiritual sensitivity naturally. I’m sure he lost that real time spiritual sensitivity when he finally left the garden. We know he became essentially physical after eating that fruit, he wasn’t naked before the fall, his body was his cloth, but after the fall the body became his real person in need of a covering.

    God rules both realms with laws and principles. Natural laws are different from spiritual laws. After spending so much time in the physical realm, we tend to think the same laws apply in the spiritual and so we judge spiritual things by physical laws and in so doing jeopardize our faith.

    The enemy of our faith is making decisions and taking steps according to physical laws in things that have spiritual implications.

    The enemy of our faith is savoring things of the physical in the place of things of the Spirit, Matthew 16:23.

    The realm of the spirit is superior to that of the physical. The physical is already corrupt and decaying and so is said to be temporal while spiritual things are eternal. The reality is in the spiritual, the physical is a facade. In the physical the laws that operate puts limitations on man to his advantage. The law of gravity helps us to stabilize on the earth but limits us from flying or hanging in space. But we may get to a point where we’ll need to walk on water like Jesus needed to save His disciples, the laws of the spiritual will need to step in to suspend the laws of the physical to get the will of God’s love for His children accomplished.

    But Peter needed to be sure of certain things and Jesus too was willing to teach us faith, so Peter asked Jesus to ask Him to come and walk on water. He wouldn’t try without being asked to. That’s a spiritual law because it is the power of God’s word that upholds things. But after he had taken the step based on the word, he stepped out of the spiritual law back into the physical, he started considering the boisterous winds and the suspended law of gravity came back on, he began to sink! Matthew 14:22-32

    God’s desire is that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The way is to ride on spiritual laws of faith. The major enemy to doing that is walking by contradictory evidences to our steps of faith.

    Apostle Paul said we walk by faith and not by sight. We look not at the things which are seen but at the things which aren’t seen. Abraham refused to bring into consideration the deadness of his body or that of Sarah’s womb. These were the trials he had to fight. They are called the trials of faith. They show up as soon as we decide to walk by faith but they also make our faith precious and valuable. What’s the value of faith that isn’t tried? 2 Corinthians 5:7, 2 Corinthians 4:17&18, Romans 4:17-21, 1Peter 1:7

    But these enemies of our faith are not part of the equation that would provide success. Their plan is to rob us of God’s best through alternative considerations, double mindedness that’s called doubt. They want you to see how unreasonable the spiritual walk of faith is, they’ll hammer on how the laws of physical don’t permit the process.

    This is where Satan being a liar situates his operational headquarters. He will tell all manners of lies. He wouldn’t mind covering the lies in religious overcoats. He will hammer the reality of natural laws into your ears. He will deny the supernatural existence and essence. His goal is to cut one off from living the full life and accomplishing divine destiny.

    I’m not talking about spiritually unreasonable imaginations of superstitions and spiritism that aren’t based on God’s purposes and principles used by religion to gag and control people with fear, but true spirituality that is based on God’s word, the truth in Christ and the example Jesus Christ lived for us to follow.

    The winds of doubt, unbelief, impatience and fear brought our way by happenings, situations and circumstances contrary to God’s promises we are banking on by faith are the enemies of our faith we speak of here.

    They are there to shift our sensitivity from the spiritual to the physical and bring us into the limitations of the physical instead of the possibilities of the spiritual realms of God.

    They are there to shift our attention from the power of God to the powers of Satan to rob us of God’s blessings. They are there to make us magnify impossibilities of the natural and to cover the omnipotence of God.

    You can’t stop them from coming but they won’t hurt you if you ignore them while holding on to the faithfulness of Him whom you have believed who also will do it!

    Learn not to be distracted by them. Learn to focus in spite of them. When they come, use their emergence to check again on the word of God’s promises you are standing on. Let their coming remind you of who God is, His love, His good plan for you, His power and omnipotence and His faithfulness to do what He has promised. When they come visiting, you revisit the scriptures and instead of them stealing your faith away, you’ll strengthen your faith in God the more!

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