Don’t let people’s opinion distract you

    This is my all time favorite video of Jonathan Stavvy Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli‘s audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2012. I have watched it at least 25 times since it first aired.  It shows the danger of judging a book by it’s cover especially with the pretentious eye of “societal correctness.” What and who gives us the right to automatically banish another to a pit of insignificance and irrelevance?

    This video is a very beautiful grass to grace story of two young students with a vision and mutual respect for each other.  Against all odds, they stuck together and the end result is what the world celebrates today. We need to accept people the way they are knowing we have no idea who or what they might become tomorrow.  Many of us have missed life-changing opportunities because we despised the package they came in. We must learn to have an open mind, a non-judgemental spirit and the ability to truly love our neighbor as ourself.

    Click to watch the amazing video below. 

    May Oyairo
    May Oyairohttp://www.mannaexpressonline.com
    is the Founder and Publisher of MannaXPRESS.

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    1. God made everyone,skinny,plump black white,Indian and everyone else we need to love people ,get to know people and see how awesome
      They are instead look on them and judge them,you don’t have to believe but,there is a God and he will be the judge of all and it will stand ,let’s go out and love each other,encourage each other God never made us to look like each other ,because he gave us our special looks and gifts ,use it for his Godd.


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