Don’t Be a Chicken: Pray for Someone’s Healing Today By Michael Tummillo

    stein_joseph_agbor_healing_room_visit[dropcap]I'[/dropcap]m a firm believer that Jesus still heals the sick. He said, “be it unto you according to your faith,” and for that reason, I believe, some people are healed miraculously, others by meds, and others not at all. Jesus placed mud on a blind man’s eyes, not because he had to. Not because there were healing properties in dirt mixed with saliva. He knew that the blind man needed that, so He met him “where he was at.”

    I’ve seen God heal a girl whose hips were out of socket. She received prayer the night before the surgery. The doctor was amazed. I’ve seen leukemia in a small boy healed, a lifeless embryo restored in the womb, dozens of warts disappear from a child’s body…I’ve seen these things with my own eyes. When my children were little, if they got sick, they grabbed some olive oil and said, “Daddy, pray for me.”

    In my own life, He healed me from an incurable spinal disease. It wasn’t instantaneous, but all those sleepless, painful nights, I was praying and developing a new level of intimacy with God. He has healed me many other times as well. Acid in my eyes. A bad football knee. He healed my broken heart, too. He has restored and redeemed everything about me. Not just me but many others have been healed when I prayed for them. Some were healed right away while others were healed with time. Though two people died soon after I prayed for them, they were Christians and, well…they’re healed now.

    Truth is, everybody Jesus ever healed eventually died, right? Even His friend Lazarus, who was raised from the dead, died again.

    So, why were they healed?

    God wasn’t finished with them, apparently. He still had work for them to do. Their healing gave glory to Him; focused people’s attention on their need for a relationship with their Creator. It made many people stop and consider their own spiritual condition.

    Are you sick in your body? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? I know a woman whose dad was in the hospital a very long time–long enough to have 10 Christian roommates come and go. Each man testified to her dad about the relationship they had with Jesus and, lo and behold, her dad came out a Christian! If God had healed all those Christian men before they were admitted, who knows who would have bunked with her dad?

    God has a plan. His ways are simply higher than ours.

    One year, a friend of mine was hit by a truck while riding her bicycle. She was hurt quite badly. I can still recall her screams coming from the emergency room. That was three years ago. She’s fine now. While she was in the hospital, the Spirit led me to make a “Healing” brochure to leave by her bed. Those who visited her could pray the healing verses on that brochure and, as she got better, she claimed those verses for herself.

    Bear in mind, the reading and praying of Scripture is not to be confused with or compared to reciting magic spells. When we speak the Word of God into our lives and into the lives of others, we release the truth of God that He has already spoken. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). By praying in such a way–making these Scriptural proclamations–we honor God. We show that we are trusting in His Word and responding with action to His truths. In addition, we strengthen our own lives by overriding the negative reports that have been driving our lives for years (garbage in, garbage out).

    Proclaiming Scripture is a natural response to understanding our covenant relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ. We come to a place of agreement with God, a place where His Word will not return void but will accomplish all that it has been sent forth to do (Isaiah 55:10-11). Our thinking changes as our minds are renewed to God’s Word. We begin thinking in a powerful new way. The Lord says all things are possible for those who believe. It’s time we develop “possibility thinking.” As our minds are renewed, our thinking expands and our behavior begins to reflect more and more the truths of God found in Scripture that we pray and proclaim. The very mind of Christ is being activated within us and we start demonstrating the thoughts and intents of His heart.

    Many Christians won’t even attempt to heal the sick. How often have we spoken and heard the words, “I’ll pray for you,” only to have nothing take place next. Ever. Others who have not received a revelation regarding the Biblical truths on healing either classify such talk as nonsensical Pentecostalism or concede that “it’s not my gift” and won’t even dare lay hands on anyone else. At the most, we might dare to ask a clergyman to pray for a sick loved one. Friends, it’s Jesus…Christ in you, the hope of glory, who does the healing and casts out the demons. When we decrease (get out of His way), He will increase (work through us, despite us). All we must ever be is obedient and available.

    Remember, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave dwells within you. Let Him out! Speak like God by praying His Words. As creatures made in his image, we must think like Him and speak as He speaks. This takes relationship, a personal investment on our part to get His Word “into us.” It must become habitual. When Paul directed us to have our minds renewed according to the Word (Romans 12:2), he pointed us in the right direction; now it’s our turn.

    Michael Tummillo is an ordained minister, a Certified Workplace Chaplain, and a member of NIBIC (National Institute of Business and Industry Chaplains). He is the workplace chaplain for a Texas firm, overseeing the spiritual development of more than 500 employees at 10 facilities throughout Texas.

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    1. Please pray for Dustin, Elizabeth and Allie(our daughter). To come together as a family. Heal the relationships and marriage to come and the Lord to bless us and keep us protected as a family! Please pray for a greater love for one another and acceptance in unity and love. Were desperate for breakthrough from the Lord in unity And marriage in love. Thanks so much !


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