Donnie McClurkin Opens Up About His Broken Past


    Donnie McClurkin
    Donnie McClurkin

    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]hree-time Grammy winner, producer, songwriter, radio show host, actor, and pastor Donnie McClurkin hosted the Perfecting Music Conference in Dallas in late October. McClurkin founded PMC and takes it to different cities in the United States, presenting music workshops—as well as a job fair with career services and 400 openings at major corporations. PMC also hosts a health fair and classes, all designed to minister to people spiritually and naturally. The two-day event was crowned with an evening service at Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church in Garland. In between workshops, McClurkin opened his heart to MannaEXPRESS, talking about his purpose, his past, his music, and his relationship with God.

    How did you come up with the Performing Music Forum?

    Kirk Franklin, myself, CeCe Winans and a few of us always talk about how God has blessed us. We all come from meager backgrounds, broken lives and families, and always wondered why God took us to where we are today. Now that God has given us so much, we are obligated to prepare the stage for the next generation. We have got to give back what has been given to us, because we cannot keep this position always. I need to make a platform for others and to use what God has given me the right way.

    How do you feel after visiting each city?

    Most times discouraged because of the poor attendance. I am struggling to understand why the lack of unity, fellowship, camaraderie exists among church leaders. At lot of that is always on my mind. I could do like others do and come on my celebrity platform and circumvent leadership, because you know people will come in a heartbeat–but it is outside the jurisdiction of a pastor. I want to go through the leaders, and what I have found in doing that is that when the leaders don’t push or promote, the people become afraid to cross the line. I just want to kick-start this and leave the rest to the pastors without being the focus of it.


    Do you have other charities you’re involved with?

    We have a prison ministry, a work release program for prisoners that come out, missions in Jamaica, West Indies, and we are starting something in Japan and Turkey. We feed the hungry in the community. We have a royal Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless four times a year where brand-new items and lots of goodies are given out. We also have “church without walls” for 11 straight weeks every summer with 1,000 people inside the church and 3,000 on the outside. God said, “What if people never change–will you love them the same away? If the homosexual, the drug addict, the rich, the gang-banger never gives up to receive Jesus, will you stop loving them? Is your love conditioned to when they become like you? Is your love unconditional? If it is not, do not try to represent me, because that is not me.”

    I know a bit about your story, but I’m curious as to when you started experiencing Christ.

    July 14, 1969, at 9 years old. I was born and raised in church. There was a benefit for them taking me to church from birth. [He starts sobbing.] You don’t know what kids pick up, and all my years of going to church from lap baby had become a part of me. You cannot immerse a child in anything without it going into the core of it. If you put a child in a positive environment it will have a positive impact, and if you put a child in a negative environment it will have a negative impact. I was raped at 8 years old by my uncle, but it was too late because they already had me in church. Though the rape caused homosexual desires and activities as my years went on, it was too late because the seed of righteousness was inside and they had trained up a child in the way that he should go.

    Through the activities, the falls, sex with more men than I can count, there was always the haunting still small voice reminding me, “This is wrong; this is not God.” Everything that happened negatively happened too late, so it could not cause irreparable damage because the seed of righteousness got there first.

    God is so wonderful. He took me on a journey. Life became remarkably significant after I lost all my childhood through 20 years of struggles. I lost a lot of time, but thank God. God told the prophet, “I will restore the years the cankerworm, the locusts, and the caterpillar destroyed; I will give it back.” Those are not idle Scriptures but genuine prophecies from God. And He gave me back all those years, everything that I lost – He gave me a name, time, and a purpose. He redeems my family, gives us our heritage, our lineage, and now at 51, my life is no longer full of pain, struggles, and turmoil. I am on the best journey that He has ever taken me on.

    I see so much brokenness and humility that is lacking in Christian leaders.

    Anybody who knows God has to be humble. You know who knows God by how they act. You know a tree by the fruit it bears. You cannot know God and not be humble. It is impossible. You don’t have to call me Pastor–my name is Donnie. I don’t need a position. I don’t need a limo, extravagant clothes, lavish hotel suites, and a jet. This suit I have on cost only $120. Humility comes from knowing God. When you know God, you can’t help but be humble because you are nothing before Him.

    You have written a lot of inspirational songs. Where did the inspiration come from?

    Again, it is Him–it’s Him. In Psalm 42, He said, “And His song will be with me in the night time”–He puts the song in you and asks you to sing it to Him. When you get the approval from the King, the song takes on a different life and meaning.


    When I finish singing, I back away to the shadows so Christ the hope of glory can be seen. You cannot put a check in my pocket to sing your favorite song. I am a maestro for the Lord, not a jukebox. He gives me the song, it impacts me, and He says give it back to me. It blows my mind that God wants to hear me sing.

    Donnie McClurkin and May Olusola
    Donnie McClurkin and May Olusola

    May Olusola is the Founder and Publisher of MannaEXPRESS.



    May Oyairo
    May Oyairohttp://www.mannaexpressonline.com
    is the Founder and Publisher of MannaXPRESS.

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    1. Donnie McClurkin is blessed with an extraordinary voice and he makes the most out of it. Thank you MannaEXPRESS for this interview.

    2. Pastor Donnie, you hit the nail on the head. The environment a child is raised in matters a great deal. Thank God for your folks.

    3. I love Donnie’s music a lot. I think he is one of the finest gospel artists around. Some times though, I wonder if the homosexual urge ever comes knocking and how he handles it. God bless you Donnie. 🙄

    4. I love DONNIE I USE TO LISTEN TO HIS SONGS . BUT THEN SOMETHING HAPPEN I WENT INTO THE BAD WORLD AGAIN AND STARTED LISTNING TO THE DEVIL SONGS AND DOING BAD THINGS 🙁 AND GIVING UP ON God 🙁 now i cant find my way back and if i do is there any blessings any where for me i just happen to see this and it caught my attention i wish .i just wish i have lost every thing sometimes i feel i have nouthing to live for any more but i love you donnie

      • Our Heavenly Father loves U turns. Though sin be as red as scarlet, our God is loving and forgiving. Repent your sins and He will forgive You and the Blood of Jesus will wash and sanctify you and the Holy Spirit will take residence.Our Lord Jesus came for us sinners for none is righteous except our God. Amen

    5. This is a wonderful interview. Pastor Donnie is a godly man. He is a humble man may GOD keep blessing him.It just makes my heart shine. JESUS!

    6. ” We fall down but we do get back up again”. We are crucified with Christ. We suffer along with Christ. We bare pain with Christ. With every striped we are healed and in the blood there is healing that enables us to ” Get back up again”. Thank you Pastor Donnie for sharing the pain of your testimony. Trials and tribulations do come to make us stronger as we are prepared to stand in God’s victory with assurance because a mighty Saviour did rise on that glorious third day! With each victory we too are risen with Christ. Be blessed.

    7. What an inspiring story of truth and transformation. God’s amazing and transforming power shows up to empower, encourage, and to heal beyond the devastations of the past. Thank you Pastor for sharing taking your stand in the spotlight and sharing the best of yourself with the world. May God’s light continue to shine in your life.

    8. This response is for my sister Marilyn, #12 on list of responses to Pastor Donnie. My sister, understand first and foremost that you are richhly blessed and you are a survivor the the turmoils the world has layed at your feet. We are overcomers with Christ! On the other side of struggle God has promised to us all victory. Do not allow yourself to be caught-up in midst of your struggles. Keep growing and seeking God’s face. He’s with you now and He was with you thin. He’s a God who’s always waiting to welcome us back to Himself with loving arms extending forgiveness and unconditional love. You have so much to love for… You have God to live for and He has chosen you to live and love for Him. Your way back has been made and your past experiences have strengthened your walk of today. Get up and LIVE!!!

    9. Thanks May for bringing this up. Pastor Donnie has been an inspiration and a resource God uses to bring many into His Presence. I pray he is strengthened more and more to carry the banner to the end. Longevity is a virtue.


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