Disturbing Video Of A Child Predator Explaining How He Grooms And Molests Children

    An informative and bothersome video by Dr. Free Hess has gone viral on TikTok.

    With over 3 million views and counting, the video shows a self-confessed child predator narrating how he used to target children for molestation when he worked as an official during children’s basketball games.

    In the creepy video, the predator explained why he elected to “groom” some boys and rejected others.

    He said he choose boys without strong fathers, social interaction with other kids, no spiritual values, weakened education and those having a difficult time at home.
    He confessed, “I would check out their family situation to see how they were financially.” He went after children from poor backgrounds.

    He continued, “On the gym floor, I will choose the ones I wanted to molest. I would give them special attention an Official isn’t allowed to give them, congratulate them… it made them feel like, wow, he’s paying me attention. It was a direct form of grooming.”

    “If I thought the father was a threat, I would not approach the child. If I thought the child had friends whom he would tell (about the molestation) I would not approach him.”

    Although disheartening to take in, this video is a must for all parents. It is insightful knowledge parents can use to protect their children from a predator.

    Watch the video below 

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