How To Avoid Demonic Affliction

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    How to avoid demonic afflictions

    By Taiwo Ayeni

    [dropcap]“A[/dropcap]nd when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with grave clothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go.” -John 11:43-44 (KJV).

    1. I welcome you to this series on deliverance through the balanced word of God. This write-up is to help you come to an understanding of the wiles of the devil because he is on rampage and taking advantage of the ignorant believers who believe Christians cannot be in bondage. Let me reiterate here what we have discussed before “Oppression is the same thing as to be in bondage. When a person is oppressed he does things that are obviously beyond human reasoning, and plays the fool beyond his or her own control. It kicks in gradually and grows in hooves and horns as the days go by when nothing is done to confront it. The trap is that the devil starts with a toe-hold, moves to a foot-hold, steps up to a body-hold and culminates in a stronghold.”

    2. For example when a man starts out with cigarette and after a while does not feel high as he used to, he moves to Indian hemp, coupled with some degree of alcohol. When these combinations do not keep him high he graduates to heroin and then finally Cocaine. By this point he is hooked and begins to decline into rapid destruction that requires his rehabilitation in a facility. This might not be the same for all however it is an example to set us thinking about the trap set in our path by the devil.

    3. How do people get contaminated? One major source amongst many is through evil transference as highlighted below:

    a) Sex – any sexual relationship with one person spiritually involves demonic contamination by the last 7 persons the person slept with.

    b) Wrong association – the domineering personality inadvertently transfers spirits on those they dominate

    c) Deliverance – careless deliverance ministration to a person demonized can be costly e.g. a minister lost his marriage by running away with 21 year old girl after being contaminated during deliverance session.

    d) Soul Ties – bonding with either father or mother to the point of hindering one’s marriage because of unrealistic comparisons.

    e) Divination – seeking to know future through false prophets, visions, prayer houses or priests is an open door to demonic contamination.

    f) Consulting the dead or necromancy, astrology, horoscope etc are practices of the heathen that lure the innocent into satanic stronghold.

    g) Demonic hair attachment – ladies are contaminated by marine spirit through this source. Most ladies who have hair attachments that I pray for during deliverance ministration terribly manifest. Sometimes innocent people are contaminated through evil hands on righteous heads. Case in point a hair stylist who pulls crowd because of the speed at which she does hair styling never encourages the use of mirror while platting their hair. One Believer just insisted against all odds. What she saw scared the living daylight out of her – several invisible hands joined the stylist two hands to do her hair! She voted with her legs. Needless to say she’d need deliverance thereafter.

    h) Voyeurism – watching others having sex or visiting pornographic sites.

    i) Partaking in demonic communion – eating food offered as sacrifice in respect of the dead. Mostly common among Africans who throw big ritual parties for long dead loved ones.

    J) Involvement with false religion such as Rosicrucian Amorc, Christian Science, Eckankar, Grail Message, Jehovah’s Witness, white garment churches etc

    k) Consulting Palm Readers – to know times and seasons.

    l) Shaving hair for the dead, sleeping on grave yard or offering blood sacrifice at burial sites – these are open invitations to demonic contamination. 

    m) Incisions 

    n) Engaging in homosexuality, lesbianism, sodomy, masturbation, oral sex, bestiality and prostitution.

    4. Stages of Demonic Oppression

    a) Regression –  prayerlessness, lack of fellowship, study and meditation on the word

    b) Repression – hindered from expressing self, joy, God’s goodness and loving kindness

    c) Suppression -being pressed down, inhibited, inactive, disinterested and unenthusiastic

    d) Depression – emotional dejection, and withdrawal (e.g. Saul I Sam 16:14, 23)

    e) Oppression – emotional or psychological weights and physical distraction (Heb 12:1)

    f) Obsession – overwhelming conviction about a situation that is not true of self e.g. lie, poverty, disease, sickness etc

    g) Possession – under full control or dominion of a force greater than one.

    Taiwo Ayeni is the President of Rehoboth Bible Ministries Inc., in Grand Prairie, Texas. He lives with his wife Abidemi, Son Rereloluwa and Daughter Oreoluwa in Grand Prairie Texas. He has authored several books and the recently published is “Help For Troubled Destinies” on www.authorhouse.com. Contact: Website: www.rehobothbministries.org; email:taayeni@rehobothbministries.org or Tel: 9727427365.

    Taiwo Ayeni
    Taiwo Ayenihttp://rehobothbministries.org/
    is the president of Rehoboth Bible Ministries, Inc., in Grand Prairie, TX.

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