The Controversy Between Sex Dolls Versus Humans

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    Sex doll

    By Florence Smith

    There has been an avalanche of thoughts expressed on the issue of sex dolls since they gained new, unrivaled popularity such as has not been seen since their inception. Social media was a sound tool in the propagation of this “felony” as considered by the female folk.

    With some men erupting in joy at the discovery of toys that can supposedly pleasure them at any given time without any resistance, to men who actually cannot imagine getting intimate with an inanimate object even if it speaks or moans, there has been a lot to feed the eyes and ears.

    The female folk have been the most entertaining with their reactions to this new development. They have expressed ideas indicating that the same satisfaction gotten from the sacred relationship between a man and a woman will never be gotten from a sex doll. The deep connection that exists between a man and woman will forever be absent in such a relationship between a man and a machine.

    China speaks of sex dolls as an effort made to “hook up lonely men and retirees with a new kind of companion”. What’s funnier is the other reason for their creation – to make up for the shortage of women, not just for sex. One with whom he will have meaningful conversations and who will help with house chores!

    Paris, on the other hand, opened its first sex doll brothel which costs about $135 per hour. Outrageous!

    The sex doll industry is set on creating an intense relationship between humans and robots. Pedophilic acts are encouraged as sex dolls that look like sick children have been produced and are even in use. Sex dolls date as far back as the 17th century with Dutch sailors using them for sexual gratification. It’s an old act, just renewed.

    My Take

    I believe the use of sex dolls has no justification whatsoever. It is shameful and was an act people hide to engage in. Now, it’s the world’s call to loose every bit of morality, for every anomaly to rear its ugly head as a normal thing. I have sound reasons for my belief.

    First, sex dolls are demeaning to women. It shreds to pieces an even larger part of the fabric representing the female body. Pornography has been and continues to make men lose the respect for the female body as they see it as useful only for sexual pleasure. Sex dolls’ creation has further promoted that idea. Some women in their own way have made it all too easy to propagate this idea. The use of dildos and vibrators are commonly used as a defense from the men folk, well I guess the women representing have something to say, one I’d like to hear.

    Second, it belittles the innocence of children. Creating sex dolls that appeal to pedophiles show how far down the drain the world has gone. Advances in technology or better economies will never make up for increase in immorality and uncleanliness of every kind. This is brazen and rotten. The sex doll industry just declared its support for pedophiles just for their own selfish interests. Do you want to justify this by saying that attention of pedophiles will be taken off kids? That’s laughable because the flame of their desires just got fanned. All who have hidden are requested to show up with this single act.

    Third, those who agree to the use of sex dolls have shown by a large extent that they are fickle, unprincipled, undisciplined, uncommitted, and incapable of keeping a meaningful and respectable relationship with the opposite sex. Well, I believe the only thing they can really connect with after all are toys, dolls because even they are inhumane.

    Again, it will aid your quest of losing all meaningful human relationships you have. I wonder what being friends with dolls will be like. No feelings, no emotions, it’s a different kind of boring.

    And yes, I disagree with the invention or use of sex toys because it will never be to anyone what another human can be. They will never pray for you, they won’t motivate you nor advise you, neither will they compliment you. They can never be human. They are what they are, dolls, and can never be more. Don’t make yourself a doll by mingling with one, be human.

    Well, this is what I think, my take. What’s yours?

    Florence writes on social ills and morality topics. 

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