Coastal Erosion Leaves Holiday Caravans Suspending Dangerously Over 200ft Cliff Edge

    The terrifying images below show several holiday caravans hanging on a cliff edge over a 200ft drop. Coastal erosion leaves holiday caravans suspending, hence pausing danger to the neighborhood. The mobile homes are found at the Porthkerry Leisure Park, close to Barry, in the value of Glamorgan. They are now being relocated from the unsafe place amid fears that a landslide may cause them to fall into the beach below.


    Earlier in 2011, proprietors and holidaymakers were evacuated after one side of the cliff collapsed thereby causing over 34,000 tonnes of rock to fall into the beach below. One woman almost lost her life when the ground beneath her gave way all over sudden. After thorough investigation by the geologist, the holiday caravans were relocated to a safe place near the cliff edge.

     Sally Edwards, the site co-owner said, it could be nothing, but they are not ready to risk anyone’s life. Since then, warning signs have been placed on the site and regular checks are carried out by experts. The site co-owner said that as a company, they feel they are not ready to take any risks and therefore they are being proactive and closing the road. Ms Edwards said that the work for taking out the caravans would start immediately.
    She has been in the caravan business for sixteen years. She however said they have spent £1m on monitoring and equipment. With the latest changes, Ms Edwards said about 25% of the leisure park had been lost. The co-owner said that they would be given an alternative field on site or even get a refund for the part of the site that is remaining.
    One caravan owner returned from holiday and found the place around her caravan cordoned off. Many of the caravan owner’s belongings were in the caravan, and there was no way to get them. Some caravan owners had food in their fridges, and they were really concerned what would happen to that. One of the occupants said they did not know what was happening neither where they will be taken.
    Waves crashing against the rocks for a long period cause coastal erosion. Sometimes extreme weather and wind quicken the process. The Blue Anchor Bay in Minehead, west Somerset, was constructed in the 15th century. It is also facing an equally uncertain future since the cliff’s face has fallen away. It has been forced to close as it is dangerously near the crumbling cliff face.A stretch of chalk cliff has eroded at Birling Gap in East Sussex.
    Amazingly, what would have taken over seven years, happened in just a few months. Part of the walkway down to one of the beaches on Gower in south Wales at Rhossili, has also been washed away. Sturdy winds have left some of the two hundred and seventy beach huts on the dorset coast at studland vulnerable to being lost to the sea.

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