Christian Marriage Counseling – 9 Signs Your Marriage Needs It To Survive

    By Frank Fortuna

    [dropcap]L[/dropcap]ots of Christians pray that faith will steer them off the jagged rocks of modern marriage. But for most Christian couples, faith is not enough. Divorce is just as common for Christians as it is for non-Christians, and the same modern pressures stress Christian marriages until divorce seems to be the only option.

    But God doesn’t want divorce to be the last resort for troubled marriages. If you and your spouse are struggling – particularly if you have any of the 9 deadly, relationship symptoms – Online Christian counseling can help you return to God – and to each other – and repair your broken relationship before it’s too late.

    Is Your Marriage In Trouble?

    Every marriage is stressed. So how do you know if YOUR problems are just the normal cuts and scrapes and bruises of modern marriage or much more SERIOUS?

    There are 9 symptoms of serious trouble for your marriage. And these symptoms progress from worrying signs to marriage killers.

    Serious, but maybe not deadly:

    A spouse feels unappreciated (not just once or twice – all the time)
    Constant fighting (your house is like a war zone)
    One spouse flirts with other people too much (so you hate going out together)
    One partner works all the time (and the other one feels abandoned)


    Abuse – physical or sexual
    Substance abuse


    You and your spouse can’t – or won’t – communicate without arguing
    You no longer enjoy spending time together

    If you have any of these symptoms – especially those in the last group – you should seriously think about Christian marriage counseling ASAP. You’re marriage is hemorrhaging, and you need to stop the bleeding FAST. You don’t have much time. The clock is ticking.

    Why Couples Have Trouble

    Living with the same person every day for years produces enormous stress.

    In many cases, each spouse focuses on the partner’s shortcomings. They ignore their contribution to the problems. This is when they start playing the destructive blame game. And both partners become defensive and resentful.

    Eventually, the relationship hits a roadblock and blaming and name calling and threatening and appealing won’t get the frustrated partners past it. At this stage, they need professional Christian marriage counseling to get around the roadblock and get their marriage moving again in the RIGHT direction.

    Help Is Available

    Every day we hear depressing stories about skyrocketing divorce statistics. And keeping a strong, Christian marriage intact in the 21st Century seems almost impossible. But, you must have faith! You CAN do it.

    Especially if you use professional, qualified, experienced, Christian marriage counselors. These professionals provide an objective viewpoint of your relationship, and can help you repair it. And with their help, you can decide whether your relationship is worth saving, and find out how to do that according to God’s Word.

    Marriage isn’t easy, but you don’t have to fight the battle alone. You can get help.

    If you’re injured, you consult a professional physician. If you pull a muscle, you consult a professional physical therapist. So, if you have a broken marriage, consult a professional, Christian marriage counselor.

    Don’t be proud (that’s one of the 7 deadly sins). Don’t be pig-headed. Accept a helping hand before your marriage goes into a bitter, death spiral and it’s too late.

    Have faith! You CAN overcome!

    With the help of God’s Word and a professional Christian counselor, you and your spouse can get back on track to a positive, healthy, satisfying relationship. And that’s exactly what God wants for you and what you deserve.

    Get more of Frank’s honest, direct, helpful advice on Christian marriage counseling at http://love-tips.info.

    And while you’re there, check out all the free articles, videos and reviews you need to get your love back, stop the pain, and start living again.

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