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Angie and her husband counsel, advise, and encourage couples who are preparing for marriage and who are married. They work with couples from all over …

Sex between two married people is a very beautiful aspect of marriage. God has blessed us with the ability to give and receive physical pleasure with the one we are married to. But when we give ourselves to another before marriage, sex becomes something else altogether.

Everyone is looking for love. We look for love, think we have found it, and then find ourselves disillusioned when the feelings go away. Well what does real love look like anyway? What is the love we all need and want?

Premarital sex is universally known as two people having sex before marriage. In the past, premarital sex is considered as forbidden and doing so will lead to a heavy retribution.

There is a big hidden secret behind most people’s inability to find a God fearing spouse. It is such a deep secret that even those who are supposed to be happily married are finding that there’s no honey or spice in their relationship at all.

The good news I’m going to share with you here is so powerful that you’ll begin to attract a God fearing partner in a short period of time.

Co-parenting after a divorce can present some unique challenges. I understand as a parent that we are all human and we all make mistakes. I also understand how frustrating it can be when a parent makes poor choices, bad decisions and presents a less than desirable role model for your children.

As a single Christian man, enlightenment came a little late to me in my bachelor days and at age 36 I was still single. When I found out that my kid brother, 6 years younger than me just had his first-born, life’s harsh realities somehow got into my senses. I’m not getting any younger, and my old friends and contemporaries aren’t with me any longer and are busy with their own lives. So, there’s not much fun anymore. Time really flies so swiftly. It dawned on me that I really have to set my priorities right otherwise I might miss the boat.