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I don’t know many pastors who would hold their smartphones up in a mirror and snap pictures of their reflection. I certainly don’t know any that would do this while wearing Spandex biker shorts, a muscle shirt, and a backward Kangol cap and then send it to a young man. Moreover, four men have come forward with eerily similar stories, and some have offered details of their experiences with Long that most young men would be too embarrassed to share with their closest confidants, much less the public. That’s a lot of smoke.

The Biblical account of the Creation is painted first in broad strokes. The first few chapters of Genesis then fill in the details as we make successive passes through the account. A careful chronological ordering of the creation of man gives us this synopsis: God created man in His image, male and female. He put them in a garden where they were naked and unashamed and told them to procreate, and then God pronounced it good. In my Christian experience I have wanted to argue many a point with God; I have always cheerfully conceded this one. James tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights and sex is clearly such a gift. But our first parents were expelled from that garden and in the curse God pronounced over Adam we are told that despite our careful and diligent cultivation we are as likely to harvest thorns as good fruit.