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Beijing is the second most populated city in China. It is more conservative, cultural, educational and historical. Unlike Shanghai, the rhythm is slower and the skyline is free of skyscraper battles. There is interesting architecture scattered all over the place. Some interesting ones include the Beijing National Stadium and CCTV headquarters.

The Eiffel Tower was number one on the list. On getting to Paris, we learned of one of France’s most visited tourist attraction; an impressive Palace in Versailles also known as Chateau de Versailles. We jumped at the opportunity and set out to Versailles, a 45 minute drive from the center of Paris. Nothing prepared us for the jaw dropping magnificence that greeted us. All that glittered here was gold!

When Emirates began direct flights from Dallas-Fort Worth to Dubai this past March, I knew a personal trip to this dream destination of mine was bound to take place in the near future. While YouTube videos and stories from family members and friends who’d visited painted a beautiful picture of Dubai, seeing it in person is a totally different ballgame.