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Self-sabotage does not follow rules of common sense or logic. Often it passes under our radar, because we are more aware of when others put sticks in our wheels, and less aware of when we do it to ourselves.

We must be honest, unashamed, and sincere in the process of taking stock of our spiritual life, mental transformation, body and health, assignment, finances, and relationships.

In my last article, “Utilizing the ‘Leaders Paradigm’ to become a Strong Leader,” I wrote about how using the six pillars of the Leaders Paradigm will guide a leader in the direction they should lead. In this article I will examine what each of the six pillars of the Leaders Paradigm are, what the Biblical foundation for each pillar is, and discuss how each pillar is experienced.

There’s something about sin that radiates a feeling of shame, especially in the minds of new believers. There are chances that those who are new in…

Have you ever really wanted to do something that required some risk and while you were still trying to make up your mind to be bold enough to do it, the opportunity went right on by, and you knew you could not get it back? I have – on more than one occasion. I believe that closer to the end of our lives, we’ll experience more regret because of missed opportunities than mistakes that we made.