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When my family struggled financially, I noticed something seeping up from my heart: a sickening, dog-eat-dog kind of mentality that secretly resented others I knew who were doing better and sought to compete for little scraps of material provision. I thought I was above these kinds of attitudes—I really did.

Once the cap and gown are returned to the closet as memorabilia planning toward college becomes the immediate focus. Navigating new financial waters will soon begin for your new graduate; let’s look at five truths to help your college student make wise financial decisions.

Many homeowners in the United States today may have fallen victim to fraudulent or predatory lending practices. If your client is having difficulty paying their mortgage-you have options, especially if there may be proof that their lending institution mislead or failed to disclose the terms of their loan properly. In many cases, clients who have hired Wellspring Mortgage Services to perform a Mortgage Audit, have been able to avoid foreclosure, have their principal reduced, switch their adjustable to a fixed rate loan or even have their payments lowered.

Don’t be a people pleaser and live up to other people’s expectations, live according to what is the right course of action for your own circumstances and you will be far happier.