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By Shenita Etwaroo The residual effects of any abuse can be devastating, however, when most people think about abuse – be it spousal, parental, etc. – they…

I cried when I found out. I never thought I’d cry over him. Who was he anyway. Just someone that I spent half my life with.

When you think of the word “pornography,” does it conjure up the image of a scruffy guy with messy hair in the basement watching porn in his underpants?

Why wouldn’t a Christian run to her Christ and, instead, run into the arms of another lover like pornography? The answer is obvious: She doesn’t know Him.

Nobody understands abusive relationships unless they have been in that situation. It is pointless to explain to people why we stayed in that relationship. These abusers take all of our self-esteem, our confidence, then they slowly take our family and friends away.