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By the time Alex reached middle school, the internal difficulties she had faced began to bear their fruits. Not only had the troubles at home increased, but Alex began searching for ways to numb the pain.

After spending numerous amount of years with teenagers I can’t remember a time when there has not been at least one teen who has flirted with the idea of suicide. It seems there is always a teen struggling with suicide and even the extremes of cutting themselves or some sort of self mutilation. Because of this I decided to take a look at how drug addiction can lead to teen suicide. Something that we don’t think of is the connection between teen drug abuse and suicide. There are some studies that would suggest that teens who use drugs regularly are more likely to consider suicide as well as to act upon their thoughts. According to the American Psychiatric Association, many teens suffer from depression.

I was the definition of untouchable in high school: a black girl in a white school, a working-class girl with wealthy classmates, and a Christian girl in an amoral environment. I was a pair of Pumas in a world of docksiders. Rarely asked out on dates or invited to parties.

My name is Danisha and am 16 years old. I am a freshman in a high school in Irving, TX. I have come from a hard life. I have been in an abusive home and a drug home. I’ve been disowned by a lot of people. When I was ten years old, my parents were both in jail for drugs. I was sent from Dallas, TX to leave with my grandfather in Arkansas. Up until I was thirteen years old, I was constantly raped and molested by my biological grandfather. I had hatred towards him and have had thoughts of killing him but I am not going to do it because I know God is killing him right now. I’ have done every kind of drug out there and taken all kinds of pills. Once upon a time, I swallowed twelve pills at the same time and passed out in a college party. God knows what happened to me that night.