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When Rev. Vernon Fernandes was very ill two months after his birth, his praying grandmother offered him to God. Little did she know what she was staging her family, native country of Tanzania and the world as a whole for. Today, Rev. Vernon Fernandes is the Senior Pastor of Agape World Ministries and founder of the most effective TV station in East Africa. Known as Agape Television Network, it is an inspirational Television Station that offers family programs ranging from children shows to youth talk shows and preaching via TBN. It is located on the spectacular Mbezi Beach in Tanzania and reaches out to 6 million viewers.

The Bible School Gordon Lindsay had been led to establish was in the 4th year when his busy life was ended by a sudden heart attack during a service. CFN’s 10-man Board replaced him by his wife, a challenging request for an overloaded lady in shock and grief. But Freda’s faith, strength and wisdom, as always, brought her through. Always a devoted co-worker, she found her own place as the guardian of his legacy, as well as an energetic administrator, world-traveler, speaker, and woman of God, whose labors, and visions, and accomplishments have set a record, no doubt.