Carrying the cross is the first step to repentance

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    Carrying the cross

    By Mary Lee Scully

    How often have we grieved God by our long continual in sin? How often have we grieved one another, by our selfishness and self-centeredness? It is an offence when we act against our morals and commit crimes of hatred, immorality and terrorism against people we intend to offend. If we had a grudge against someone, why not try to do a self-check in all Ernest–to root out the cause? It takes two hands to clap, right? So, the theory that “I am right and you are wrong” does not always apply.

    Repentance begins by carrying the cross

    Not many will realize this. We cannot repent if we had no contrition nor remorse, for our misdeeds and offences. Contrition is not mere words of saying “I am sorry.” Rather, it is more of actions! Words must be accompanied by feelings of remorse and admission of guilt. In addition, we repent by making amends to compensate for an injury or insults and even loss of life or property. Lord Jesus carried the cross for us in atonement for our sins although He was sinless and there was no perjury in Him. Hence, why can we not carry our own cross in atonement? It is vital to know and understand, that the cross we take up is unique to our journey in life.

    By virtue of the cross we carry, we come across the heavy burden of discomfort and sufferings, whether physical or emotional–due to health, misfortune and loss of loved ones, either by death or separation. We look up to Christ Jesus, in the face of adversity when we have to carry our cross. Did Jesus curse or swear, when carrying the cross on the way to Calvary, with all the scourging, kicks and blows, insults, humiliation and torments? No! Not even when He fell three times on His knees and was brutally forced to rise, when He could hardly walk but staggered on… still carrying the cross! Likewise, when we encounter hardship, failures, disappointments and misfortune on our journey to repentance, let us take courage in Jesus and not give up easily… taking the easy way out.

    Why do we carry the cross?

    For reasons known or unknown to us, we take into consideration–the benefits of the cross.

    • By the way of the cross, we learn lessons of humility and forgiveness–both from God and those whom we have offended.


    • God gives us grace, mercy, strength and pardon when we carry our cross.


    • The Lord gives us hope, faith, healing and redemption, by means of the cross.


    • In contrast to what others think, the cross is not a condemnation nor failure. In truth, it is a victory over evil.


    • Through the cross, Christ willingly suffered and died in Crucifixion, to purchase for us our freedom and salvation.


    • When we lift up our cross to God in loving surrender, we gain our Passport to Heaven.


    • Even those whom we have wronged or offended will eventually pardon us when we sincerely repent and carry the cross, as a retribution.


    To those who fear the cross and unwilling to carry it, they will encounter retribution if not in this world, then in the next. The Universe has its own laws and compliance with standards in which we abide. Failure to comply will result in disharmony, disunity, conflicts and punishment.

    Repentance and the cross

    It is not too late to say sorry and in all sincerity, mean it. It is even better to repent and carry the Cross, along the way. To those of you carrying the cross for repentance, may salutation and respect be accorded to you in Jesus name!

    Mary Lee Scully is a nursing professional involved in healthcare & wellness.

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