Building Emotional And Wellness Blocks For Women In Transition

    I have counseled and ministered to many women who at some point in their lives have experienced an emotional and or physical trigger that caused them to rethink and reflect on their lives. Those triggers stemming from betrayal, extramarital affairs, divorce, bad relationships in general, and job layoffs, can cause a woman to begin a downward spiral of self-doubt and for some depression.

    This particular period in a woman’s life has been popularly coined as a midlife crisis. But my theory is that if you are in a season of transition, it is an indication that the heavens are calling forth a radical movement toward your destiny through the upheaval of everything you believe to be stable in your life. Your career aspirations, family, relationships, and your health, all are open games for a revolution of refinement and adjustment.

    Transition guided by the right perspective and a willing mindset is an opportunity to redefine and reinvent who you are as a woman. There are many opportunities available to women who see her transition as a new and powerful direction to reach those dreams that were once lost through living life.

    A personal development program that provides a strategic approach to assessing one’s current situation and then helps you to set some achievable goals will ignite a fire in a woman who is reinventing herself. The program should be an organized and intelligent approach to assessing, defining, and refining you for the purpose of living the abundant life that God has made available to us.

    There are several steps a woman can take to shift herself into a healthy place of starting over. Each of the following steps is a building block to get you ready for the new journey you will embark upon.

    Building Block #1

    For the Christian woman, she must recommit herself to her faith and identify her relationship with God as a partnership.

    Building Block #2

    A woman must begin to evaluate her decision-making abilities. Through prayer, Godly counsel, receiving and processing information, we can begin to make intelligent decisions about our lives.

    Building Block #3

    Women must begin to address those things that distract and keep us off the course of our journeys. Unfinished projects and other tolerations must warrant our attention for elimination.

    Building Block# 4

    We have to make a declaration of what it is that we truly want and what is it that we are aspiring to achieve both on a natural and spiritual level.

    Building Block #5

    Setting goals are instrumental to a woman’s ability to move forward. Goals are those little tasks or assignments, that if we put them all together provide us with a process for our vision or dreams.

    Building Block #6

    And last but not least we must construct a strategic plan or blueprint for our lives.

    Modern-day philosopher and actress Shirley MacLaine once said, “You are the architect of your personal experience.”

    All these building blocks are the elements needed to begin rebuilding, refining, and redefining you as the woman God has called you to be.

    Nickcole Byrd, MBA is a professional Women’s Life and Business Coach with over many years of experience in business and personal development. Her career as a professional coach has afforded her many opportunities to help top-level women professionals. 

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