Brother, are you missing in action?

    Man hiding
    Man hiding

    By Louis Verges

    But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”

    Think about the question, Adam, where are you? (Notice that God did not call out to the woman.) Did God ask this question because He didn’t know where Adam was? No, the reason He asked the question was because He wanted Adam to realize where he was, and where he wasn’t. When we as men go astray from God, we should seriously consider where we are and where we aren’t; we are afar off from God, all that is good, in the midst of our enemies, in bondage to Satan, and in the high road to utter ruin. So where was man, and where is he right now? He is M.I.A (Missing In Action). It has become evident to me that even though time has changed, man has not. Thousands of years later, God is still asking the question “Man, where are you?”

    Why is it, that in other religions such as Judaism and Islam, the male is predominant, while in Christianity it is the other way around? Why are Christian men M.I.A while the women are constantly working in God’s kingdom? I remember once hearing the phrase “It takes a man to start a church, but it takes women to keep it running”. This statement is so sad but it is so true. When you look at women in the church, you see that even though they might have differences, when it comes to doing the work of God they always come together. Why does it seem like the women are always the ones on the front lines? Maybe because most men are not even in the battle and many of the ones that are, have become P.O.W s ( Prisoners Of War ). How do we become spiritual P.O.W s? by not being faithful, by not following our calling, by not following Godly wisdom when it comes to our decision making. This in turn creates in us a wrong attitude which makes us prisoners, prisoners of discouragement and depression. This opens up the question “If we are spiritual P.O.W s then how can we fight for our wives, our children, and our churches?

    Let me get back to the term M.I.A (Missing In Action). Missing In Action is a status attached to a member of the armed forces who is reported missing following combat and is presumed injured, captured or dead. Is this your status? Or are you a P.O.W? Either way it’s time for you to come home. Too many marriages are being destroyed, too many of our children are being lost to our streets, yet it seems like there is a church in every other block. If we have as many churches as we do grocery stores then why are we losing so much ground in the battlefield? The answer is: the men are not where they are supposed to be. Why do you think the feminism movement is so powerful? Simply because women have grown tired of men advocating their roles and responsibilities by being MIA. Sadly the same thing is happening in the church, and if we are not careful ,we will open the doors for that same spirit to creep into our churches. A lot of people blame feminism for destroying the traditional role in our families, I say, lets place the blame where it really belongs… on ourselves. If we were standing in our place being the Men that God created us to be, this would not be an issue.

    “Being a male is a matter of biology, being a man is a matter of choice”. Which one will you choose? If you choose to be a Godly man and stop being a P.O.W or M.I.A then there are certain things you must do:
    1. You must realize who you are and who’s you are

    2. You must repent and ask God for forgiveness

    3. You must develop an intimate relationship with Him and surrender yourself totally to Him.

    4. You must realize that things are not going to change overnight. It took time to get you this way. It’s going to take time to change.

    5. Stop making excuses, excuses have been around since Adam, they didn’t work back then, why would they work now?

    6. Start praying for other men (Men you know and men you don’t know) so that they will come to the life changing knowledge of Christ, and join you as Biblical Men ( Real Men) on the front lines.

    7. Pray for all the wives, families and children whose lives have been destroyed, because we as men have not been standing in our place.

    8. If you are married ,ask your wife for forgiveness for not covering her, not committing, and not loving and honoring her the way you are supposed to.
    Eph 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives as Christ also loved the church, and gave Himself for her”.

    Like I said previously, it’s all about choices, we can choose to be Biblical men like David, or live our lives as M.I.A s or P.O.Ws like Eli or Achan whose lives destroyed those around them as well as themselves.

    I Pray you make the right choice…

    I am a husband and father of 4 children. I am a servant for my Lord and King. I pray your are blessed with what God has given me.

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