Author: Michael Tummillo

How quick we are to blame the other guy. We ask aloud, “But I’m a nice person. Why would anyone treat me that way?”

When you think of the word “pornography,” does it conjure up the image of a scruffy guy with messy hair in the basement watching porn in his underpants?

Why wouldn’t a Christian run to her Christ and, instead, run into the arms of another lover like pornography? The answer is obvious: She doesn’t know Him.

A few months ago, I “accidentally” sent one of my eMinistry broadcasts to a certain individual who ran a business in my hometown. After he received my message, he wrote and shared the story of how he and his wife of many years had separated and how, on one attempt to see her in Mansfield, he was crying so hard he could hardly see the road in the rain. He was repenting before God as he drove – repenting for ignoring Him; disobeying Him. You see, many years ago, this man felt God was calling him into the ministry. Well, he wrecked his car that night. Rolled it three times and flattened it down to the steering wheel. But he emerged without a scratch. While this was happening, his wife was also hearing from the Lord and became convicted about leaving him.

Even Jesus admitted, ” I can of Myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is righteous, because I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me,” (John 5:30). Jesus wasn’t about doing parlor tricks with the power He had. He used it as He was lead to do so.

Each day as we step outside, we are surrounded by people wearing masks. There’s the woman who, as a little girl, was never validated by her daddy. So, she jumps from man to man hoping one day to meet her knight in shining armor. There is the little boy trapped within a big, burly man’s body who’s been dragging around with him all the years of loneliness, the pain of not measuring up, even trying to fill his God-shaped void with a woman. Having repeatedly failed, he’s tried drinking, porn, drugs, big-boy toys–in some cases, the ministry.