Author: Mrs Happy

has been counseling married couples for years.

Mrs. Happy’s heart goes out to single believers who are struggling mightily with sexual desire. She hasn’t forgotten what it was like to be single and sexually frustrated with no (righteous) relief in sight. So it is with dismay that she sees how many young Christian men are unwilling to make a marriage commitment—yet find themselves unable to live a sexually pure life. There is an obvious answer to their predicament: Get married. Yes, it is absolutely legitimate for a believing man to marry a believing woman with sex being one of the primary motivating factors.

Don’t harangue him, demanding answers. Yes, I know that lack of communication is part of the problem here. But Mrs. Happy has noticed that the men in her life have a strange capacity for not seeing the elephant in the room, even when it’s snorting, grunting, and squashing their left big toe.