Author: May Oyairo

is the Founder and Publisher of MannaXPRESS.

How many times have we consciously or unconsciously swept our thoughts or remarks into dustbins of impossibilities? Especially when we wrap our small minds around what seems too big for comprehension.

November, the month that houses Thanksgiving Day is very special to me. Aside from eating to a state of stupor and feeling like an overfed octopus,…

It was only after someone came up with the idea of providing Gidado with a handcrafted wooden wagon (measuring around four feet) to get around in that Gidado started to rise above his pain and misery. With the help of his family and friends who took Gidado where he needed to go, he made the most of a very delicate situation and lived a “normal life.”

This scene of my weeping grandmother, my observing father and my confused self has haunted me till this day. Had I known, I could have made that day a very memorable one.