Author: Guest Writer

I sat on the living room floor, back leaning against the sofa, staring at the television as if my life depended on it. I really wasn’t watching anything but I was lost in the transition of colors that came with the screen changes as it went from featured program to advertisements and then back again. I glanced at my watch, 9:30 PM, and it’s all over -the much awaited Valentine’s Day, that is.

f you would like heartier, chewier overnight oats, then the secret is in the type of oats you select. In this case, you should choose steel-cut oats!

The brain has an incredible ability to reshape itself when it comes to learning and memory. It enables us to learn and improve our memory at any age.

“Give me life according to Your Word.” Psalm 119:25

I stared at the coffin. The pastor’s voice could be heard, but my mind seemed to interpret nothing. Though my family considered the last five years of my dad’s life as borrowed time, his death came unexpectedly. I had imagined that a surgery or perhaps months of illness would take his life. Instead, he died on a day when he felt his best. He and my mom were headed to their car from a routine hospital visit.  A beautiful day. My dad’s comments on the day’s sunshine were his last words. He fell to the ground.

Life is never what you expect. I’ve met no one who can testify that the life they mapped out went according to plan. Instead, life is made up of high mountaintop experiences and low, dark valleys with curves throwing you in and out of pitfalls and unexpected ditches.