Author: Guest Writer

Loneliness is no respecter of persons. Young or old, literate or illiterate, rich or poor, anyone can be affected by loneliness.

Have you ever waited on someone else to grant you permission or approval? Are you tired of the wait? Although you carry on with your daily life does it feel like you are living in limbo. Unable to do what you really want and need to do yet, you are not acknowledging that you’re waiting on someone else.

A heading like this can create different kinds of reactions. Curiosity in the minds of some people. Controversial discussions amongst some people. While some others may…

It is a common desire for us to want to see our children progress beyond any height we achieve. We want to see them flourish and grow into people we always wanted to be. Stop… think I about what I just said. We want them to be the person we always wanted to be.