Are You Your Own Biggest Fan?

    MannaXPRESS biggest-fan-e1423621758145-3 Are You Your Own Biggest Fan?

    By Cara Mugleston

    I have been thinking a lot lately about confidence.

    I mean I teach women how to love themselves and create confidence all the time right? Here are some of the questions I have to ask about confidence.

    Where does it come from?

    How can I better teach it to my clients?

    Is it something that can be taught, or are you just blessed to be born with it?

    I truly believe it begins with each individual and it is a skill that can be taught. It is like a muscle, that if worked on properly can be built to be strong. It starts with being kind to yourself… loving who you are.

    Our society is so set on how our bodies should “look”. Who defines these standards? Our society. Body hating has become a world wide epidemic for most women.

    Once that happens, we start to use things like fitness and nutrition to “fix” our body image to fit societies idea of beautiful. In reality fitness and nutrition not only help our physical body but our spirit.

    We as women need to be kind to ourselves, we need to exercise for our body and spirit. We need to use food to fuel our bodies.

    We are expensive… would you feed your expensive race horse cake and cookies? We need to laugh at ourselves, we need to dance in front of the mirror in our underwear and sing at the top of our voices with our curling irons as our microphones.
    Mostly we need to love every single thing about who we are.

    We need to love our weakness so we can make them our strengths. We need to love our strengths and show gratitude for them.

    Look at yourself in the mirror every day and love every part of you. Your external beauty is such a reflection of your internal beauty. So while you are loving your face, your body, also learn to love your heart and your spirit. Once you learn how to do that, it won’t matter what others think. Your confidence will grow and will flourish. This may sound selfish to some… but the greatest gift you can give your family and loved ones is to love who YOU are inside and out.

    The biggest self love mistake we all make is comparing ourselves to others. Our bodies, our businesses, how we raise our children.

    Don’t do this!

    Comparing yourself to others is the biggest thief of self love and self confidence. Honestly.. most of it is made up in our imaginations. Those women who you think “Have it all together” more than likely struggle with different self love issues.

    Since you are already imagining what people are thinking of you anyway I want you to try something new… Try to imagine your own “personal” cheering section. Start seeing yourself as they would see you. This cheering section can be made up of anyone you want. As long as the people you put in it don’t judge you and love you unconditionally.

    Mine consists of me and God. Really… who else’s approval do you need?

    I am my biggest fan… Me and my God are the only ones that can love who I am totally, honestly and completely with no judgement.

    Once you realize that… then the confidence just comes. You have to work on it daily… but it’s worth it.

    To Teach, Inspire, and Strengthen Women.

    Cari Mugleston (Mugz) helps women build confidence through fitness and nutrition.


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