Your Pastor is a human being like you

    MannaXPRESS pastor-preaching.21102746_std-3 Your Pastor is a human being like you

    Many people hang their spiritual destinies on pastors. Many also react negatively to the concepts of God and the Church because of one unpleasant experience with a pastor or another. Such experiences may be direct or indirect. Directly, their pastors may have failed in the areas of sex, money, divorce or such things. Alternatively, it may even be because he did not please them in one way or the other.

    Indirectly, people react negatively to pastors because of some news or information they have gathered concerning that particular pastor, minister or ministry. It is amazing how much the media influences people’s opinions of events around the world.

    Today, may I be used of God to help you if you are one of those struggling with the concept or issue of pastors.

    Look beyond pastors. Look unto God, your Maker and Creator. Also, realize that pastors are human beings dealing with the worst and best of humanity.

    Thirdly, not all pastors are crooked and evil. You cannot say that because a man drove a Ford car to rob a bank, then people should not drive Ford cars. There have been great pastors in history, there are great pastors today and there will be great pastors in the future.

    You cannot grow by staying at home due to a bad experience at some church with some Christian or pastor. When you go to church, pay attention to God. Pray before you join a church. Play your part in church. Pray for your pastor; he needs your prayers and encouragement. Pastors need a lot of support in the work they do. They may not be appreciated often as they should.

    If you see wrongdoing, pray to God to let Him lead you on your next step. Avoid speaking against God’s anointed even if he has fallen. (Read 1 Samuel 24.) Keep your relationship with God. God can change your pastor or remove him if He so desires. Pastoring is a hard, tasking, demanding job.

    Do not judge people. You are not perfect yourself.  If you need to ask God to lead you to another church, if you feel that your pastor has failed you then ask for a meeting. Discuss the matter with your pastor and make sure you are at peace. You are playing with your spiritual destiny if you do not address your bone of contention. Always remember joining or leaving a church is a highly spiritual activity.

    Obviously, there are bad sheep among the flock. Many people can call themselves. Some pastors may not be called by God. It baffles me why some people take up pastoring without God’s calling and ordination. Some pastors are in ministry for all manner of reasons. That is for God to judge. You may go to Bible School and still have no calling. Bible schools should develop or sharpen a calling. There are still and will always be good and bad pastors. God has promised to give you pastors by His own choosing and selection. Today and daily, pray earnestly for your pastor.

    “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Jeremiah 3:15 King James Version (KJV).

    Pray for your pastor. Ask God to give Him strength, fresh fire, fresh anointing and wisdom to accomplish his demanding tasks.

    Pray that you will not leave where you are supposed to be blessed because of grudges, in Jesus’ name.

    Chuzzy Udenwa
    Chuzzy Udenwahttp://www.pastorchuzzy.com
    is the Senior Pastor of Glory House World Church, Atlanta, GA. A former journalist and entrepreneur, he has authored several books on healing, deliverance and prayer

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    1. A number of people I know have been betrayed by pastors and no longer go to church. I will forward this article to them.


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