When The Storm Of Infidelity Raged In My Marriage

    My prayer is this story will inspire people and give them the courage to hold on even when it seems like the world is about to end.

    My family used to attend a white garment church. It was a prayerful church with little knowledge of the Word of God. Prayer is good, but not effective without truth, righteousness, evangelism, faith, salvation and the Word of God. These seven virtues help one to live and maintain a holy life.

    There was never a day that any preaching or sermon touched on the subject of fornication. Many ministers and elders in this type of church love to fornicate and I became a victim. I battled this deadly sin for a long time. Since the ministers and elders were fornicating without an iota of guilt, the same spirit was rampant among members. It was obviously spilling from the altar into our lives. (Ps. 133: 2)

    My Spirit Was Not Willing And My Flesh Was Weak

    At first, my wife did not suspect me of engaging in fornication. After some time, she left the church because in her opinion, she was not growing spiritually. Apparently, she saw what I did not see and left me behind. She could not convince me enough that we were in the wrong place. I was going no where – my flesh wasn’t even entertaining leaving the citadel of pleasure. So, I willingly stayed back.

    Subsequently, we relocated to another town. The distance did not stop me. I was still coming from my new location to worship in this church till my wife discovered my infidelity and the wages of sin started manifesting. Love, peace, joy, happiness, harmony, unity, temperament, kindness, understanding, togetherness and sharing in the family broke down. Instead of enjoying our marriage, we were managing and enduring. My wife was in anguish – stress took over and she tired to cope with the rage of the devourer in our marriage.

    After a while, my wife found a new church – a pentecostal, bible studying church where holiness and godliness were placed above earthly things. Each time my wife came back from a church program, she would excitedly tell me what she learned. Inwardly, she was hoping to win me back to the Lord. She knew I loved God but had derailed for a season. As she kept doing this, I kept resisting outwardly but knew she was slowly stirring curiosity in me.

    One day, I decided to attend the Bible study class and the miracle hour program in my wife’s church. It was okay but not enough to lure me back. I already noticed that each Sunday I went to my white garment church, members of her new church were always around to pray with her. The Bible says, “The prayer of the righteous availeth much.” Whenever I came back home from my church service, my wife unfailingly welcomed me with love. She never chided me for dividing our family and doing my own thing. She was such an angel. God bless her!

    MannaXPRESS Distressed-lady-praying When The Storm Of Infidelity Raged In My Marriage

    For me, I always came home overwhelmed with fear, guilt and wondering if my wife would finally loose it and teach me a lesson. Deep down, I knew she was waiting for the day I would say goodbye to the old church. The truth is I wanted peace quite alright but the power of sin pinned me to a stake of restlessness. 

    One day, as usual, I was on the way to my old church when the unexpected happened. I was arrested by the Holy Spirit. All of a sudden, my mind was heavy and I couldn’t move. I parked my car and started crying.  Remorse set in and I knew it was time to come clean. Unknown to me, my wife and some church members were praying for me at that point in time. My encounter was so deep that immediately I pulled myself together, I sent a message through my brother to my partner-in-fornication in the old church. I told him to tell her it was over. Then I headed in the opposite direction to my wife’s church.

    When The Lord Turned My Captivity Around

    My wife and children were surprised to see me in church. You should have seen the expression and excitment on their faces. We gazed at ourselves and smiled simultaneously. O what a joy to be reunited with my precious family! The smile on my her face was from within and I felt a big relief in my heart. It was as if a chain had broken and I was loosed from bondage.

    From that day, I never went back to the old church and never saw the woman I was messing with again. To God be the glory. The joy of the Lord returned to my home. My wife and the congregation of the children of God never ceased praying for my deliverance. Alas, God heard their petition and in His infinite mercy, rescued me.

    I can never forget how my wife humbled herself in the midst of my betrayal and disrespect. She depended on God throughout the storm that raged her matrimonial home and came out victorious. Who says there is no God?

    If you are a lady or man passing through the valley of humiliaton, fight with your knees and watch God turn things around in your favor, in Jesus’ name.

    Lawrence B Abitogun is a christian book author and creator of Christian Edification online blog.

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