A Deeper Look At Spiritual Warfare

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    Spiritual warfare

    By Dr. Karen D. Taylor

    SPIRITUAL WARFARE Occurs When Two Forces Want The Same Possession

    It has been appropriately stated that “Battle only occurs when two forces want the same possession.” What is the battle? It is the voice of God’s enemy flooding your mind, your soul. In Psalms 55:1 NIV the Psalmist cried out, My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught at the voice of the enemy. Amazing? Just because you can hear voices does not mean you are insane only validates that you are both Human and a Being. Do you realize that your thoughts can trouble you, and the enemy’s voice causes you to be distraught which means agitated by doubt and engaged in mental conflict.

    Who or what is the ground upon which this battle is waged? Your Soul which is intellect (mind), emotions (mental intense feelings) and will, (decision making capabilities). What or Who are the two forces that contend? It is satan who desperately wants God’s possessions. Knowing that God has clearly staked His claim for man.

    In Ezekiel 18:4a, God reveals by saying, Behold, all souls are mine.  Your soul belongs to God Almighty, the  Creator of everything our Heavenly Father. Why does the enemy want our souls? Because he, craves for the opportunity and the chance to be “god of this world” or ruler of mankind. God’s enemy attempts every second of our day to blind our minds by invading and bombarding our thoughts with his lies! He desperately tries to create a spiritual Tsunami thus trying to wipe out the Word of God from our hearts washing away our faith and confidence in God. Always trying to discredit God and make Him look bad in our eyes. He fights with great tenacity and fervor by flooding man’s mind over and over again with thoughts that sometimes never happen! It’s moments like these which cause your imagination to run rampant and wild producing anxieties, fears and panic attacks. Every time you grant this privilege by ignoring his schemes and games instituted by his voice into your mind you empower him to defeat you. It matters not whether it’s for a second, minute or an hour. 

    The Battle, The Ground, and The Opponent

    Sad to say this battle is not restricted or confined to unbelievers but countless thousands of believer all over the world are being attacked as well. The human race as well as church member are engaged in a War that is spiritual or invisible to the human eye…THIS IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE.  For some it appears to never relent. Today the television commercials push a myriad of psychotropic drugs like candy often with serious side effects all in the name of peace of mind.

    It seems like there is no hope. Every Sunday and throughout the week in every way and medium possible preachers, orators and the uniquely gifted singers and musicians of our day spend thousands of dollars and hours attempting to motivate and serenade you. They promise you a prosperity and fame or a season that may never come because someone failed to teach you Biblical balance in God’s Word. God is more interested in your soul prospering than anything else. In 3 John:1, we read – Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. In every sermon they tell you it’s your season, your breakthrough is here. Broken promises, shattered dreams, thousands of dollars later and you are still no closer than before. Why? God will never take a slave to the throne!  They pretend to not see the trouble and the despair that rapes your soul day after day. Momentum builds as your favorite speaker mounts the platform only to share messages that release a Euphoria (a sense of well being) to countless thousands when in reality they offer no hope. 

    When will we stop fooling ourselves, when will they stop playing with our emotions? When I first released my book entitled “A Deeper Look At The Real You, The Triune Being” I did a small research to see what the Medical Statistics had to say about the mental oppression that people all over the world were encountering. In 2002, according to the Medical Statistics 19 million Americans suffer from some type of depression, Bipolar and schizophrenia just to name a few. Then over 29,000 people in the United States alone committed suicide annually. The amount of money spent on various drugs that tend to promise mental control grew from an estimated $2.8 billion in 1987 to nearly $18 billion and that was in 2001. (IMS Health 2005) Today psychotropic drugs are being administered to preschool students as well as the adults.

    More people of every race, creed and color are all undergoing or encountering the pressures of this battle! The battle intensifies. From the high ranking business man to the under paid janitor, from the lofty platforms of the Elite Preacher to the humble saint …all are experiencing the same unprecedented pressures. I personally know preachers who use anti-depressants!

    Peering through the divine lens of God into the book of Genesis, we see His plans and desire for mankind. Man created in His image. Spiritually sensitive, mature, and above all living a life of holiness.

    Do you know that you are a Human Being? You are both Human and divine. You are a spirit being having an earthly encounter. You are more spirit than dirt! This unique combination allows you to move, talk, live, speak and hear in 2 dimensions simultaneously. By your physical body you live in earth in time but by your spirit which is divine you live in a realm that is eternal, invisible. Even though we are Triune Being which means we are 3 in 1, God designed us and empowered us with the unique ability to move and exist in 2 realms. Two dimensions at the same time!  Wait there’s more…not only are we Triune in our consistency and known as Human Beings we are also made in the image of God. This unique ability and divine power is the very thing satan craves and yearns to control. This is the battle, this is the war and it’s spiritual or unseen. Somebody needs to sound the alarm! Wake Up!

    The problem that we are facing today is our lack of knowledge about our Heavenly Father, who we are as His Sons and last but not least who is the real foe. What is his Modus Operandi? What fuels his hate, and empowers him against man? The Bible reveals in Hosea 4:6 – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  God clearly reveals that we don’t need more power, just knowledge. And if we continue to reject knowledge He will reject us and our children!

    In closing, God reveals in 2 Corinthians 2:11 …, as long as we choose to remain ignorant of satan’s devices he will take advantage of us over and over again. The Greek root word for devices is Nous which means the mind. As long as we continue to be unlearned and ignore the games God’s enemy plays on man the battle and we will loose this war! 

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