84-Year-Old Grandma Fulfills Her Life-Long Dream Of Earning A High School Diploma

    An 84-year-old woman named Irma Gloria Esquivel, from Cadereyta Jiménez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of graduating from high school, after studying at the Centro Bachillerato Tecnológico Agropecuario (CBTA).

    A report says, Esquivel accepted her diploma surrounded by family members and supporters and even received a commendation from the local mayor, Cosme Leal.

    Irma Gloria Esquivel on the front row with her graduating class

    “Many congratulations to Mrs. Irma Gloria Esquivel, because at 84 years old she finished high school, in the CBTA 74 of Tepehuaje,” Leal said, adding, “All efforts have a reward and this graduation is an example that motivates us not to make excuses for education because there is no age to fulfill our dreams, my admiration for Mrs. Irma, for being an example for all.

    Esquivel’s granddaughter, Albis Davila, posted a picture of her grandmother dressed in a cap and gown, standing in front of grey, gold and black balloons, holding her diploma and a bouquet of flowers.

    Irma Gloria Esquivel and classmates

    At the graduation, Davila said, “We are very proud of her, she was able to fulfill one more of her goals, and we are happy that we were able to be there to see her. She is an example to follow to never give up on her goals,” according to El Tiempo.

    Metro Ecuador posted an additional photo of Esquivel at the graduation ceremony, surrounded by her much younger classmates and teachers, as well as Mayor Leal.

    Many have showered social media encomiums on the octogenarian and all mentioned the fact that her story is one that will inspire many who either think time has left them behind or feel too old to set certain goals.

    Irma Gloria Esquivel after she received her certificate

    Whilst there’s no information on what the famous grandma and high school graduate plans to do next, she truly is a testament to what’s possible if you put the work in, regardless of your age.

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