7 Goals you should learn from an eagle


    By Bridget Johnson

    Have you ever seen an Eagle? They are so beautiful, extremely intelligent and can teach you a lot about goals. Here are some traits of an eagle:

    Eagles fly alone

    They don’t fly in groups they fly alone. When you are ready to get serious about your future and your goals you need to be alone, get quiet and think. You need to think about what am I really willing to do to see my goals accomplished. What price am I willing to pay? So many times we set goals without counting the cost. You need to spend time alone and make sure the goal that you want to see fulfilled is something you really want to SEE fulfilled because it’s going to take work and dedication.

    Eagles have strong vision

    An eagle can see another eagle as much as three miles away. You need to see your goal so clearly. You have to know what it is, you need to see it, smell it, taste it. You need to get all five of your senses involved. You need to see with your inner eye what your goal looks like. If you can’t see it then you can’t have it. You have to use your imagination to get your goal to come to pass. There’s a saying “when the vision is clear, the results will appear.” You need to see your goal.

    Eagles only eat what is fresh

    What are you feeding on? Are you watching the whole franchise of some reality show? Are you staying up late every night to see what your favorite Housewife did on this episode? If you are then you’re not really focusing on your dreams and goals. You need to be reading success books, you need to develop yourself. Success is tied to your personal development. Statistics say that the average person watches six hours of TV a day. Six hours, can you just imagine? It’s really easy to do, so you must discipline yourself to turn the TV off. Your life won’t come to a screeching halt if you don’t know what housewife did what and to whom. You know they’re going to show it as a re-run 50 times anyway. You need to be feeding yourself on things that will help you grow.

    Eagles fly with other eagles

    You need a whole team of people to help you achieve your goals. You need to keep the right company. Don’t hang around with fictional character Debbie Downer that just KNOWS you will never make it. You need to hang around with people that are heading in the same direction that you’re heading – to the top!!! You want to hang around with like minded people. Find a mentor someone that can help you fulfill your dreams and goals.

    Eagles are master fliers

    What gift are you supposed to master? Are you a singer but you’re “just okay?” Are you a writer with a dream of having a New York Times Best Selling book – but you have trouble forming a clear sentence? You need to master your skill. Find out what you’re passionate about and then master it.

    Eagles use storms to their advantage

    Storms of life are meant to push you higher. Did you know right before you are promoted you will face some kind of a major crisis. Warfare always surrounds the birth of a miracle. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Take advantage of the crisis you’re facing and develop your character. Get some grit and fight to the finish to achieve your dreams and goals.

    Eagles are fearless

    They will go after what they want until they get it. You need to make up your mind come hell or high water you are going to obtain your dreams and goals.

    Goals are not something you set at the beginning of the year, write them down and throw them in the drawer and hope some way some how they will come to pass. Goals are something you work on daily. You should never stop setting goals and then going after them until you have achieved them.

    You are today the sum total of what you have been doing with your life up to this point? Are you satisfied with where you are? What about five years from now, are you willing to be in the same place five years from now that you are today? If you’re like me you don’t want to waste another five years, one year or even five minutes hoping something will change.

    Come on do what you need to do and come and soar with the eagles.

    Bridget Johnson is a Writer/Author/International Seminar Speaker. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, Peter.


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