54-year-old woman gives birth to her grandchild through surrogacy

    MannaXPRESS Tracey-Thompson-e1452275537311-2 54-year-old woman gives birth to her grandchild through surrogacy
    Tracey Thompson and her daughter Kelly McKissack

    Tracey Thompson never imagined she would be a surrogate mother.

    Even when her then 13 year old daughter, Kelly McKissack jokingly asked her, “If I can’t carry my own baby, would you carry it for me?” Thompson replied yes without giving a second thought to what her daughter had asked for.  Little did they know that question would come to pass 15 years later.

    On January 6, 2016, 54-year-old Thompson delivered a healthy 6 pounds and 9 ounces baby girl at The Medical Center of Plano. She served as a surrogate for her daughter Kelly, 28, whose attempts to have a baby in her 3-year marriage ended in three miscarriages.

    The surrogacy route was not something Thompson and her husband (Ben Thompson) jumped at instantly. She was seven years past menopause and had birth her last child (Kelly) 27 years before.  She has a 30-year-old adult son. However, her excellent health, a nod from her team of doctors, inner peace from talking to her church pastor, family members and friends gave her the go ahead.

    Doctors said Thompson first went through a full medical and mental evaluation. Her surrogacy journey commenced in April 2015. She began taking hormones to prepare for the implantation of a 5-day-old embryo once her doctor determined she had a normal uterine cavity.

    The McKissacks have named the child Kelcey, a combination of the mother’s and grandmother’s names.

    “No one could give someone a greater gift,” McKissack said. “Ever.”

    Grandmother and child are doing well.


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    1. Wow! For the love of a child. Mothers are truly special. God bless Tracey for doing this for her daughter. May this baby strengthen their bond and cause continuous floodgates to open in their lives, in the name of Jesus.


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