5 Important Things That Will Make Your Relationship Work

    MannaXPRESS relationship-2 5 Important Things That Will Make Your Relationship Work

    By Rosemarie Gonzalez

    Sometimes we are blinded by too much love that we failed to assess our choices. Most often than not, we end up finding the wrong man/woman in our life that we are supposed to spend our life with. Often we invested too much in our relationship to work that when it failed, it’s more painful than we could have imagined.

    There is no such term as a perfect relationship. We need to accept that conflict in a relationship is normal. Disagreements do happen. Trust and commitment deepen when you travel through the storms together and endured them. To handle this, we need to be emotionally mature.

    On the contrary, our happiness resides within us not in terms of our relationship, job, or perfect circumstances. It is our choice to wake up each day happy no matter the situation we are in even after a devastating breakup. Forgo being in a relationship until you can learn to be happy with yourself with or without a partner.

    More relationships die from silence than violence. Silent aggression sometimes lead to broken relationships. Even if you are already hurting inside, you still pretended that everything’s okay. I don’t say that it’s wrong but why don’t we choose a different path: Never allow anyone to treat you like a doormat.

    When your relationship is in crisis, it’s natural to seek your friends for advice. Your heart will never fail you, so learn to listen and meditate the consequences of your indecisiveness or decisiveness. Be patient and realistic. If you are aiming for a long-lasting relationship, you need to commit to your partner’s emotional well-being, even when it is difficult. This means sharing affection with your partner, through good times and bad, when it’s most needed and when it’s least expected.

    Be romantic because romance is essential to have at least some quality time together. Inject a little romance into some of the things you do and some of the places you go and settle disputes peacefully. Apologize, forgive, and make up with each other.Learn to talk through disagreements until the issue is resolved and both of you feel comfortable moving on.

    It’s natural for your feelings about your partner to change over the course of the relationship. After a couple years, infatuation takes a back seat to faithfulness and trust. This doesn’t mean that you’re not in love anymore; it just means that your love has matured.

    Establish trust on all levels. Mutual trust is founded in respect and loyalty toward each other. Strive to understand and respect no matter what your differences are. Share and clarify your differing perspectives, and try to empathize with each other’s point of view. Support each other. Be there through the good, happy, sad, and bad times-no matter what. Be emotionally available when your partner needs it.

    Remember that every person, couple, and relationship is different. Don’t compare your relationship with anyone else. Every couple makes their own love standards, love agreements, love habits, love routines, and so on. Just focus on making your relationship the best that it can be.

    Communicate effectively. Communication in a relationship is very important. Make continual efforts to maintain your relationship. Work on it. Work hard at keeping it positive, upbeat and healthy. Don’t scream at each other. Nothing gets solved in screaming at someone else. It just raises the tension between you and more than likely will create more issues than it solves. Things are best handled if each person gets a chance to talk. In other words, this means that you listen to what your spouse has to say and respond with your feelings as they listen. If you are being screamed at, calmly let the person know that screaming isn’t helping and ask if they will also please listen to your perspective.

    Be completely honest with each other. A truly emotionally intimate relationship requires open and honest communication. Just be honest without being harsh. If you don’t agree on something exactly then there is probably another option. Look for different solutions that you can both see eye to eye on. There are many ways to do something that will end in the best result for the individuals involved and probably get things done faster.

    Relationships that work are the ones that are worked on. Being able to share the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life, without feeling judged or devalued, is what good communication is all about. Remember that communication is the most important part of your relationship.

    Rosemarie is an international researcher and an expert writer. Writing is her passion. She loves to write short narratives and compose poems. Poetry is her past time especially when she is really depressed.

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