35 Prayer Points For 2018

    35 Prayer points for 2018
    35 Prayer points for 2018

     35 New Year Prayer points:

    1. Thank You Father for the gift of life and the opportunity for me and my loved ones to see 2018. 

    2. Thank You for supplying all my needs according to your riches in glory through Christ Jesus.

    3. Thank You that your purpose for me will never take me where your grace will not protect me, in Jesus’ name.

    4. Father, forgive me for all the sins I committed knowingly and unknowingly in 2017, in Jesus’ name.

    5. Father, I consecrate my soul, body and spirit to You as I decrease for You to increase in my life throughout 2018, in Jesus’ name.

    6. Thank You dear Father that I will not be put to shame this year; A thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand but it shall not come near me, in Jesus’ name.

    7. By the special grace of God, I will line up all areas of my life with the Word of God, in Jesus name.

    8. I will use the word of God to secure God’s audience for all that concerns me, in Jesus name.

    9. Every stubborn situation that I encountered in 2017 will not rear its ugly head, in 2018, in Jesus name.

    10. By faith, I pray every prayer I pray (that is God’s will for me) in 2018, will receive divine attention, in Jesus name.

    11. I receive the baton of favor and unimaginable breakthroughs from January to December 2018, in Jesus name.

    12. My expectation will not be cut off in 2018; I will experience the manifestation of what I am expecting from God, in Jesus name.

    13. 2018 will be a year of supernatural turn around for me and my household. Wherever the soles of our feet shall thred, we shall possess, in Jesus’ name.

    14. I receive divine energy to do exploits for the kingdom of God. I will wait on the Lord and He will renew my strength on a daily basis.

    15. By faith, I will encounter and experience God like never before. He will reveal deep and secret things to me, in Jesus’ name.

    16. I pray every unsaved person in my family will be saved in 2018,  in Jesus name.

    17. I will not pray amiss in 2018 – the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before God, in Jesus name.

    18. The blood and powerful name of Jesus will chase out anything that will sabotage my testimony and relationship with God in 2018, in Jesus name.

    19. The Spirit of God will open my eyes to see beyond the visible to the invisible, in the name of Jesus. 

    20. I declare by faith that me and my family will be beneficiaries of divine health; By the stripes of Jesus Christ, we are healed from all diseases, in Jesus’ name.

    21. We shall not die before our time but live to declare the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord, in Jesus’ name.

    22. By the special grace of God, I will be full of love, joy, peace, long-suffering, and kindness, in Jesus’ name.

    23. I will love my neighbors as myself and love them with my heart and not my mouth, in Jesus’ name.

    24. I will be fruitful and multiply in all areas of my life, in Jesus’ name. 

    25. The anointing to pray without ceasing is my portion, in Jesus’ name.

    26. Lord, help me to hear your voice in order to make the right decisions in my physical, spiritual, financial, marital and mental life in 2018, in Jesus’ name.

    27. My mornings will be good, afternoons will be better, evenings will be glorious and my nights will be peaceful, in Jesus’ name.

    28. My Heavenly Father, will bless me with fresh creative ideas that will catapult the work of my hands to the next level, in Jesus name.

    29. The Blood of Jesus will wipe away every mark of reproach from all areas of my life and make me whole again, in Jesus’ name.

    30. The Lord, will bless me with uncommon ideas that can be translated into products and services, in Jesus’ name.

    31. My Father, will give me the desires of my heart that are in His will for me and make all your plans succeed in 2018, in Jesus’ name.

    32. I will make it a lifestyle of meditating in the Word of God until I see a performance of it in my life, in Jesus’ name.

    33. The goodness, mercy and glory of God will encompass me and the light of God will shine upon me and all my family members

    34. I decree by faith, there shall be no cause for regrets, weeping, mourning and untimely death in my family, in Jesus’ name.

    35. My dreams shall be accomplished; my joy shall be full and I will know and enjoy peace all the days of 2018, in Jesus’ name, amen.

    May Olusola is the Publisher of MannaEXPRESS. 

    May Oyairo
    May Oyairohttp://www.mannaexpressonline.com
    is the Founder and Publisher of MannaXPRESS.

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    1. I believe God has put you in his life for 2 roenass.1. God wants you to break upIf your reason for breaking up with your boyfriend is sincerely because he lacks the faith in God and the Christ-like leadership as a potential husband, a breakup should send him to God’s arms. If it doesn’t he’s not the man you need to be with anyways. If he’s not a leader for you now, he won’t be for you or your future children either without growth. Don’t be afraid to let a good thing go for God’s best. Being unequally yoked with your partner should be scarier than being in a relationship that doesn’t glorify God. I understand the men in the past have hurt you, but you need emotional healing of your wounds and the faith that there are plenty of wonderful men out there that have a heart for God that want to treat their significant others with the utmost Christ-like love possible. Pray about it and try to put your own opinions aside and follow Christ with your whole heart so you can end up with the man God truly has in store for you. 2. God wants you to stay togetherStaying together means obvious change on both of your parts is imperative. You need more open communication. You shouldn’t be asking an online forum of people for our opinions on this matter, you should be talking to your boyfriend about what you need from him in this relationship, and Lord willing, marriage, but since you asked, here’s my take on it. If you truly think he is God’s best for you, bring out the Christ follower in him. If he know’s who God is but doesn’t follow him, inspire him want to be more the man of God than he’s ever been. Do that by challenging him in his faith. Start small with little things like starting a bible study that you do on your own and talk about every day later. Don’t be overbearing about it, but give him the opportunity to really show you how much of a Godly man and leader he can be by needing him spiritually. Pray together, go to church together, go to bible study together, praise and worship God together, serve together. Focus on building a relationship with God as a couple. However, don’t let that be your only source of holiness. You both need separate relationships with God because you are both individuals. You should have your own quiet times and if he doesn’t, inspire him to start. Be weary not to be his crutch, but a reminder that he needs to step up and be a Godly man. If he is up for the challenge and sees that the changes are worth more than losing you, you’ve got yourself a keeper.These are the outcome of any relationship. Relationships either end broken up (or divorce unfortunately) or end in marriage . Either way, pray about all these things. Make sure you’re in tune with God on all of this. Seek first the kingdom of God. In the end, God’s will will ultimately be fulfilled. Have faith either way that God has amazing plans for you and your boyfriend regardless of your outcome as a couple. Best wishes and God bless.-Jeremy


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