30 Prayer Points For The Month Of May

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    30 Prayers Points For May 2020



    Till drought ended in the land of Israel, Elijah did not suffer or starve for a day because God used ravens and a widow to feed him.-1 Kings 17:2-16.

    Prayer For The Month of May

    This new Month of May and the remaining days of this year, 2020, I decree by faith:

    You will not lack and you will not suffer in Jesus name.

    The presence of GOD shall always be upon you and your loved ones, in Jesus name.

    God will use unexpected means to provide for all your needs in the mighty name of Jesus.

    Our Father will keep you, bless you and cause His face to shine upon you in Jesus name.

    He will water your ground and your trees will bear fruit bountifully in Jesus name.

    There will be no scarcity of good things in your life and that of your family members, in Jesus name.

    The Almighty God will feed and satisfy your soul in the name of Jesus.

    Despite the season, you will stay fresh and green in Jesus name.

    Your incense of worship will rise to God with a pleasant aroma in Jesus name.

    Your altar of prayer will not lack angelic manifestations in Jesus name.

    You will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord in the mighty name of Jesus.

    The heavens shall not be closed against you in the name of Jesus.

    Your life is free from sorrow, failure, pains, sickness and disease like COVID-19 in Jesus name.

    Our Lord will grant the world relief from Coronavirus in the name of Jesus.

    Our Lord will send the power that delivered Peter, Paul and Silas from prison to rescue us from Covid -19 in the name of Jesus.

    As the pandemic lock down eases, the divine protection of the Almighty God will be upon you and your family in Jesus mighty name.

    Our Father in heaven will grant you the compassion, humility and self-discipline to value, care about and protect others during this pandemic in Jesus name.

    Anything projected into the elements against you and yours shall backfire and all things shall work for your good in Jesus name.

    The Lord will make your home as safe and secured as the ark of Noah in Jesus name.

    God will bless everything you lay your hands on and take you to places where favor will surround you, in Jesus name.

    HIS hands of love shall uphold you for good and you shall experience the Peace of GOD that passes all understanding in the mighty name of Jesus.

    Anywhere you turn to, it shall be your turn to be lifted to a greater height, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    The light of God will expose every hidden work of darkness in your life and destroy them, in Jesus name.

    God shall visit your home and He shall put an end to your worries  in Jesus name.

    Pastor Adeyeye oversees a ministry in Nigeria.


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