2017 is A Year Of Unlimited Greatness

    MannaXPRESS greatness-e1483571948171-2 2017 is A Year Of Unlimited Greatness

    By Morenike Jaiyeoba

    On New Year’s Day, I had an awesome time of laughter and dancing with family and loved ones. This lasted for several hours and was later crowned with prayer that brought all our attention back to total dependency on God this year 2017. Reflecting, I remembered the wake-up call and blessing, I received on that day in the early morning hours that provoked my posture of destiny and greatness. This stirred my heart to share the great things God is about to do in your life this year, 2017.

    I strongly believe it will be a year of Unlimited Greatness for you. Even as I write now, I feel an excitement exploding within. In spite of all the chaos that may seem around you, you are set to launch into an appointed season of greatness. One of glorious uplifting and an outstanding memorable year it will be for you. As it was with Isaac, you shall be favored with unlimited greatness. You will wax (grow) great and there shall be forward progress for you till you become very great.

    Four things that the Lord brought to my attention to encourage you, is first:

    Stay focused with your goals.

    Regardless of the distractors calling you aside, maintain your surge and focus. Disregard the noise. Isaac disregarded the pantings and threats of obstructers, Gen 26:20-21. He kept digging and believed the treasures (greatness) within that could not be capped and by virtue of his fortitude, he broke generational gaps and bondages, Gen 26: 18. Look, it does not matter the noise of despair, there is a greater and distinct noise that will subdue all other noises, Alleluia.

    Secondly, Aim and shoot high this year.

    You see, the prophetic word always commands manifestation, if only you will believe and run with it. Your challenges should never limit your stretch, your vision. Do everything to enlarge your borders, academically, career, business wise and spiritually. Isaac kept his diligence in digging wells of potential and opportunity. God already sees your destination and identity as with unlimited greatness. Yours is to do all to seize the opportunities set before you this year. Break forth and let no man, past or present disposition hold you back. Neither let the mockers of your time draw you back by their opinions. Refuse to be discouraged and possess what is yours (unlimited greatness).

    Thirdly, I believe it will be a Year of Discipline for you.

    An excellent spirit requires discipline, 1st Cor 9:25-27. This means in all, this very year you will command a disciplined mind, body, talk and walk. Bad habits must die. It will require more fasting, praying on your part, most importantly more yieldedness to His leading. A higher level of wisdom and love walk. Do all to employ, a strengthening of good character (better etiquette) and financial discipline. Gain the needed knowledge spiritually and habits that will free you of all captivity. This will help you reflect the excellent spirit, Daniel and Joseph exhibited that commanded the attention of Kings and their worship to the God they served, Gen 41:38 & Dan 6:3.

    Lastly, also my best part, Stay very close to God.

    Let Him be your dearest Lover. Listen daily to His heartbeat and do whatever He tells you to do. Relate to him as a Father beyond the fact that He is God and Savior to you. He loves you dearly and longs to do much more than you can ask of Him, Matthew 7:11 & John 15:13. This will ease your mind as you pray and enhance your trust in Him. It will comfort you knowing that He is in perfect control of your life. Praying you unlimited greatness this year. God bless you & Happy New Year.

    Pst. Morenike Jaiyeoba is an inspirational Speaker Of Real Life Issues. She is the Author of FreshwordFM Devotionals reaching thousands of homes across the nations. Host of The Woman Entrepreneur (TWE) resource network and Author of Success Keys For Women Entrepreneurs.

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