13 Ways Transference of Spirits happens

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    By Friday D.Okoh

    Transference of spirits is the transfer of spirits from one person to another. Transference of spirits is part and parcel of  mankind on planet earth. There are two types of transference of spirits:
    a. Positive or Holy transference of spirits
    b. Negative or Unholy transference of spirits

    A. Positive or Holy Transference of spirits:

    It is the passage of positive or Holy transference of spirits started from God. After God created Adam, the first man on planet earth. He breathed into Adam’s foundation and transferred His spirit into Adam and he became a living being (Gen 2:7) because God’s living spirit was transferred into him. Another example of positive transference of spirits can be seen in the Holy Bible – when the ministerial works of Prophet Moses was so much for him only. God took the spirit of Moses and transferred it into 70 elders of Israel, thereby reducing the responsibility of Prophet Moses. In order for them to support Prophet Moses’ ministerial work. As a result of Moses’ very old age “positive transference of spirits” took place(Numbers 11:16-17, 24-25). 

    B. Negative or Unholy Transference of spirits

    Negative or unholy transference of spirits is the transfer of unholy evil spirits from any possessed subject or person to an unpossessed person (and thereby making such a person to be possessed with an evil spirit(s). Satan and cohorts are the originators of negative or unholy transference of spirits, they are also the distributors. There are many persons today who cannot explain how they came under the influence of evil spirits of reckless immorality, anger, pride, materialism, hatred and so forth. 

    Below are some ways by which spirits can be transferred positively or negatively: 

    1. Transference of spirits through laying of hands

    There is powerful transference of spirits through laying of hands. The Holy Bible tells us in the book of (Deut.34:9), that through positive laying of hands, Prophet Moses transferred the spirit of wisdom unto Joshua in order for him to be able to lead the Israelites to the promised land. This was after God decided to call Moses home because of his anger problem.

    With negative laying of hands, a lot of people are going through great agony as a result of contaminated hands laid on them for one reason or the other in the past. Either through witch doctors, occultic human beings, marine agents and evil people in general.

    2. Transference of spirits through word or communication

    Select your friends among Christians believers only (1 Cor.15:33). In another vain, anyone that is not wise enough can be corrupted by immoral acts and if such a person is having regular communication with someone that is into immoral activities, there is a probability that person will be influenced.

    3. Transference of spirits via association

    Mind the people you move or associate with. Also marriage between believers and unbelievers should be discouraged so that, one wouldn’t be contaminated or possessed. It is highly advisable for someone to move in company of consecrated believers (2 Cor. 6:14-18Amos 3:3; Proverbs 13:20). Lastly, a lot of people today changed from good to bad and are parading as hired killers, drug peddlers, drunkards, smokers, cheats, immoral and so forth because of the bad association they keep. 

    4. Transference of spirits through sex

    There is a powerful transference of spirits through sex, and it is the easiest way through which evil spirits are easily transferred from one person to another. In majority of the cases of negative transference of spirits; over 85 percent are traceable to sexual activities. The Bible tells in (1 Cor. 6:16), that if you are joined sexually with a harlot, you both become one; so if you have sexual relationship with a highly demonized person(s) or member of the occult, a witch or wizard, fetish priest and marine agents, it will bring unholy transference of spirits from such a person to the unsuspecting victim.

    This has resulted in some men and women becoming barren, impotent, infertile and backwardness in their life endeavors. A disheartening one is when people loose control over their sexual life to the extent that they cannot sleep one night without having sex.For singles, this can delay him or her from getting married on time. Those who are involved in any form of sexual perversions such as :homosexuality, bestiality, incest, oral and anal sex practices, and excessive and indiscriminate sexual acts are endangering their lives. People that were involved in evil together can open doors for unholy transference of spirits to be established. (Lev. 20:13). This can also lead to strong unholy soul-ties

    5. Transference of spirits through television

    The spirit of immorality can easily be transferred through watching pornography.  It is the same way the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ can be transferred by watching programs that encourage soaking in the Word, praise and worship of God.

    6. Transference of Spirits through Books

    Holy Spirit is transferred through reading of the Holy Bible. While, evil spirits are transferred easily through reading of occultic and pornographic books or materials that show naked women and men engaged in unfathomable acts.

    7. Transference of spirits via parent

    If one’s father or mother has evil spirit(s), the children may get it also. These spirits can go from one generation to another (generational Spirits) if not driven out in time. 

    8. Transference of spirits through music

    Music is another powerful medium for the transfer of evil spirits. Just as there are good (Christian) gospel music, so also there are bad music with evil conceived songs that encourages immorality, promotes violence, condones murder, invocation of demons and worshiping of satan.

    9. Transference of spirits through food, water and alcohol

    There is a powerful transference of spirits through food, water and alcohol. Through these avenues, spirits could be transferred negatively or positively (1 Cor. 10:19-22;Rev.2:14). For example, taking items dedicated to idols or participating in accursed rituals will most likely pave the way for the transference of unholy spirits. This can spiritually poison or defile someone.

    10. Transference of spirits through objects and other materials

    Many homes and people are under the influence of demons because of the presence of objects in their possession. Such items range from shrines, contaminated ear rings, neck laces, artifacts, occult symbols, pictures,  moulded statue of a mermaid, the devil and even evil board game. (Joshua 7:1-11, 24-26). Other objects that can easily be contaminated are candles, incense, perfume, soap, pictures, perfumes, “holy water and holy handkerchief” from false prophets and fetish priests. These people have nothing but evil to offer.

    Also watching idol festivities or participating in them directly or indirectly can sometimes affect someone indirectly depending (Hosea 4:6 A” lack of knowledge”,Deut.27:15”against”).

    12.Transference of spirits through the Environment

    There are demonic spirits in charge of any country, city, town, villages. Just like there are angels of God everywhere and also earthly political or military or hierarchy in the world. It is similar on the other side.  These demonic spirits manipulate and control what goes on within their respective jurisdictions (Dan. 10:13,20, Rev.. 12:17-12). Some areas are classified or zoned as high level immoral activities and if proper care is not taken, innocent people living in such areas or cities may be affected due to their ignorance.

    13. Transference of spirits through the Dead and Certain burial ceremonies participation

    Transference of spirits can also come about through certain burial functions. Demons don’t die when people die, and when any person they possessed dies, these demons would certainly leave such bodies to look for another person or persons to inhibit. They always need a human container to house them. People that work in the mortuary or hospital are advised to learn how to conduct self deliverance exercises on themselves.

    During a burial ceremony, some people come around like they are sympathizing with the bereaved but they come armed with the wrong motives to attack some family members that are mourning their loved one. Christians shouldn’t be ignorant of the devices of satan, but be fully alert. Remember that satan has a way of striking during a bereavement period especially most people are in a low state especially with their prayer life. 

    Immediately after a grand burial ceremony, whether you a minister or born again Christian, please try to conduct comprehensive deliverance on you and your family. It is always better to be safe and sorry. May the Lord continue to uphold all of us in Jesus’ name.


    Friday D.Okoh can be reached at: salvationhealingnews@yahoo.com. 

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      • Hi Cleo,

        Do deliverance on what you already have and stay out of sin – then they have no right to enter. It’s very difficult to watch most video content without it being sin – Christian content / websites are the worst – they have nudity a lot of times and they also talk about all kinds of violent things – like football – which most Christians think is ok but it’s not. The path is straight and narrow. God bless you.

        • Thanks for the great article, Friday! I think you are right about being better safe than sorry with alot of these things. I still have much to learn! Kelly: I’m a bit confused. Why would Christian websites have nudity on them?
          I’m not a fan of football- but I think its a good outlet for the sort of violent and aggressive instincts that many people have. These are instincts that many good Christian people suppress because they are told that expressing one’s anger (or lust) is unseemly, and they use transference from their parents who admonished them for their immodesty to others later in their life. For about 1500 years Christians like you and me bottled up their angst until they were given a Church-approved heretic to burn alive, and then pursued that heinous act with amazing zeal, drinking in the screams of their victims in a most unChristian manner by many accounts- especially during the various Inquisitions. The followers of Martin Luther were among those burnt alive, although the favorite scapegoat of our faith has always been the blood relatives of the Lord, Jesus Christ himself. (Or Christus Yeshua if you prefer His native tongue.) Sometimes the more sure we are that we know God’s Will, the further away we walk from His path. It doesn’t help that the Bible has enough stories in it to be creatively interpreted to justify some fairly unsavory things that I won’t mention specifically. I sometimes have to stop myself from “weaponizing” scripture to make myself feel more righteous than some folks around me that I am tempted to punish due to my position of wealth and power. It is rare that I have the presence of mind to remember that punishing humans is God’s job, not mine. Jesus said “he who is without sin cast the first stone” and it slips my mind, shamefully. He said “resist not evil” and yet many Christians join the military or own guns for self defense, when Jesus explicitly said to turn the other cheek and not to wave retributive violence. Oddly, most Christians find pacifism immoral. Perhaps the Sermon on the Mount is too controversial for most pastors and priests to mention. It just happens to be one of the rare times Jesus rejected his Judaic beliefs, eg “an eye for an eye”, as he knew that would lead to a world of blind, sanctimonious, and tragically hateful people. We should have taken him seriously. If you are reading this now- its not too late to recognize similar shortcomings if you have them. All of us sin, and many of us are forgiven- but that doesn’t give us an excuse to act like we follow the Fallen Ones rather than the God Almighty.

    1. Just so you know your Christian website has an ad that says “celebrity no bra day caught on camera.” Maybe monetizing isn’t such a great idea.

    2. Cleo,
      FIRST REPENT, then the BIND the “Transfer of Spirit” the LOOSE the Word of God over your life. don’t forget to PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS. Along with the Holy Bible read JOHN ECKHARDT’s
      books “UNSHAKEABLE” and “DELIVERANCE and SPIRITUAL WARFARE MANUAL”. Very informative.

      • God bless you! I am currently a emphatic novice when it comes 2 knowing about advance spirituality-warfare. Example, recently I heard that a woman, after conversation, had her spirit transferred and her spirit was put inside elsewhere.
        Supposedly the woman was crying uncontrollably. Meanwhile someone else gained access to her body as she continued crying inside of this container of sorts.

        Again I’m the emphatic novice….the light weight in the world of advanced spirituality. I need help with some knowledge and things…!

        ALSO…..is there a school or church that offers training of this phenomenon (excluding medical schools)?

    3. Hi Brunette,
      I have been in deliverance with 3 different ministers and no one had tried this as I couldn’t understand why my situation was getting worse. I started having attacks in 2017 and I did heavy sin but I turned from all my sins and straight to The Lord and I never went backwards and I never will, although The Lord showed me things that my husband was doing and it all fits into the evil transfer of spirits and he started doing this in 2017. He just moved out and we are separated as I will never take him back even though I have forgiven him. The prayer that you wrote I would like to do but can I say the prayer as self deliverance and when I click to read the rest of the prayer it won’t let me?


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