A 12-year-old girl has become a mum after she was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains.

It was gathered that the young girl got pregnant at the age of 11 after she was raped by her 14-year-old brother in their reportedly “dysfunctional” family home in Wales.

The court report reveals that the siblings grew up in a home with “blurred sexual boundaries” where their parents had created a culture of “secrecy and lies”.

The event unfolded after the young girl began complaining in the early hours of the morning of severe stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital for medical attention, but she left her family in shock after giving birth to her older brother’s baby hours after she got to the hospital.

While at the hospital, the young girl was asked by a midwife if she had ever had sex, to which she said she didn’t know. When asked further if she had consented to the intercourse, she said she thought so but was not sure. Judging by her response, the midwife concluded the young girl didn’t understand that she was pregnant.

However, while she had told the midwife she was unaware, she was overheard telling others in the hospital that she knew she was pregnant.

After the birth, the brother was interviewed by the police and he admitted that he had one-time sex with his sister.

He explained that they started by kissing each other and removing their own clothes downstairs then went upstairs on the bed to continue as it was more comfortable. He added that their parents weren’t in the house when it happened.

The 12-year-old girl heartbreakingly told how she longed to live a normal life for a girl her age and wants her baby to have the best life.

In an impact statement read to the court, she also said she did not want to go home anymore.

Digging further, the court heard the incident could be traced back to the “difficult and dysfunctional circumstances”  the siblings were raised in.

The teenage defendant, Dean Pulling, said it was clear they had both been subjected to a “dysfunctional, neglectful, and potentially abusive upbringing”, where their parents relinquished control.

The barrister said the boy had been routinely exposed to pornography in the home since he was 10-years-old.

Mr. Pulling continued: “Children are the products of their upbringing and the environment they are exposed to.”

The boy is remorseful and is responding well to the positive influence of the foster parents he now lives with.

His barrister told the court that “custody would achieve little but cost a great deal,” and called for a non-custodial sentence.

Judge Christopher Vosper QC made the teenager the subject of a two-year youth referral order with a supervision requirement and an activity requirement.

The defendant will be a registered sex offender for 30 months.


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