10 Reasons why you should give up sugar


    By Howard Coffey

    The following 10 reasons to quit or reduce sugar can help you live a sugar free lifestyle. America is addicted to sugar. Most Americans consume three times more sugar daily then is recommended by USDA. This government watchdog recommends that you only eat 10 teaspoons (tps) of the sweet stuff a day.

    A sugar free lifestyle, suggests that you quit or reduce the sugar quantities you consume. So the following 10 reasons can serve as goals to motivate you to give it up.

    You will feel better than you have felt in years

    Usually in two to three days, you will be more perceptive, more alert and have more energy than you have had in a long time.

    Your blood pressure will become substantially lower

    There is a good chance you can quit taking some or all of your B. P. medications. Never quit unless your doctor recommends that you do.

    You will lose weight

    In order to eat only 10 tps of sugar per day, you will have to cut back on certain foods. Suggested for women is 1000 to 1200 calories per day and for men 1500 to 1600 calories per day.

    You will lower your risk of developing high cholesterol

    Once again, you may not need to take your cholesterol medications.

    You lower your risk of a heart attack

    Obviously, when you quite eating sugar and empty carbohydrates, decrease your weight, your B. P. and cholesterol drop, too. Because of these three things, lower weight, lower B.P. and lower cholesterol, your risk of a heart attack is lessened.

    You may add years to your life span

    You can never know how long you will live; however, lowering your risk of heart attacks, the number one killer in America, you may indeed add years to your life.

    Losing inches around your waist lessens your chances of heart disease

    Men, whose waist measures above 39 inches, are at greater risks than those whose waist line is below 39. For women the magic number is 35 inches.

    You will be at less risk to develop cancer

    Diet has been proven to decrease chances of developing cancer. A diet high in dietary fiber can greatly reduce the risk of colon cancer. By eating a proper diet, you lower your risks.

    You reduce your chances of osteoporosis

    That’s right! A diet high in sugar has been linked to this disease, too.

    You may never develop atrium fibrillation(AFib)

    One of the common causes of AFib is a thickening of the heart wall due to high blood pressure. This causes one part of the heart to beat faster than another part of the heart. AFib can kill you if left unchecked. Some people with AFib and on a sugar free diet have been able to quit their meds for this killer.

    The above ten reasons to quit or reduce your sugar intake and live a sugar free lifestyle it is hoped will motivate to take a serious look at your diet. You could start today. Your health will improve. You will lose weight, and you will feel so much better.You’ve been deceived! Sugar only makes you think it is good.

    Always eat healthy.

    Howard lives in western Kentucky on beautiful Lake Barkley. He writes articles for himself and others.


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